Sunday, 4 November 2018

Busy weekend with the Halcyon dinghy

Sorry no photos today, busy getting the fixing out of the outer keel on the boat. Many of the fixings broke off as they were being removed out of the outer part of the keel. Not usually seeing as they have been in place for the best part of 50 years and have been subjected a lot of movement and stress over these years.

However some did come out and they were 3 and half inches long and were 14 gauge bronze screws. So at least we know the size of screws to put back in once the new outer keel is made and fitted.

One job that will have to be done as a matter of speed will be to put the curve back in the keel as over the years, this as gone from the keel as it has been on different trailers and hauled up without supports under the ends of the keel to keep its shape.

The result of this, as been that the keel is hogged n the area of the centreboard case and the fixings holding the garboard planks on to the inner keel have become lose and in some cases given up their job of keeping the plank in place and keeping the boat watertight in that area.

So as soon as the centreboard case is out of the way the inner keel will be push back into its correct position and the garboard planks will be re-fixed to the keel after carefully clearing out the seam to make sure the plank will sit down on the keel and make the area watertight again.

Firstly we have to release the outer keel and get it off the bottom so that we can gauge the size of the job to remove the rest of the fixings holding the keel in place. So its a long way to go to get the keel apart get it sorted.   

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