Friday, 25 September 2015

Mai-Star II afloat and ready to get on with the next step on the refit.

Antifouling done ready to launch
First time in water  
at its mooring for the winter while the rest of the work is done on the yacht to make it ready for next season

Yacht sitting a little bit above on its lines before the mast and interior ballast is fitted. 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

This coming week is going to be set aside to get the last jobs done on Mai-Star II

This coming week is going to be set aside for Mai-Star II and getting her back in the water. So that the hull can swell up after being out of the water for over two years during which time she as had a lot of work done on her, including a new cabin roof and cabin sides and a new cockpit coaming which are going to be fitted over the winter months. She as also had a number of planks and ribs renewed where they were either broken or rotten or in some case both. 

So let the fun begin tomorrow and get the jobs done and see the yacht back in the water where she belongs. Then the next stage of this project can continue over the winter months.

Monday, 7 September 2015

Trailer maintenance a long time overdue.

Just having to do a bit of maintenance on one of the trailers. 

While the yard staff are between jobs, they are getting to grips with the need for proper maintenance of the company trailer especially as it is needed to transport wood and other big items around from place to place.
  The back plates are in need of a good clean and the brake shoes need to be replaced and the braking system needs a good overhaul before the trailer can be used again.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

It has been a busy couple of weeks and it is on to other projects

Now that some of the project that J-Star Boat & Marine Services have been working on over the past few months are now coming to the end. It is now time to take stock sort out the forward work load and get these project underway, The Classic 1960 Enterprise to finish off and get back on the water racing once more. The Mai-Star Class dinghy to finish off the planking and get ribbed out and carry on with its fitting out. Then get on with the Mai-Star II restoration and re-launch and continuing refit of the inside and the outside work. Then turn our attention to the number of Shetlands and Hardy's and Princess the company has on their books to do work on over the winter months.

Also a new boat or two to build over the winter months to train the new apprentice is the art of wooden boat building.