Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The photos of the cockpit and the bunk fronts that need sorting out.

Mai-Star II under its refit cover, now ready to start work on the inside of the cabin and the cockpit.
 A Photo of the sweet lines which makes her go through the water so well.
 Now with the roof and cabin sides out of the way it is easier to work on the inside in the light.

 The old engine water intake that is not of any use and Mai-Star II is no longer going to have an engine in the boat.
 The two lower pipes are the bilge pump pipes that are going to be rerun in a better way.
 This photo shows the number of broken ribs in the back of the cockpit that need replacing.
 The aft engine bed that is no longer needed
 These two photos show the bulkheads before the rest of the trims are fitted

Monday, 29 July 2013

The start of another busy week down at the yard

It the beginning of another busy week at the yard with a number of jobs on the go. This week will be spent doing lots of little jobs that need doing and take time to sort out. Like repairing the foredeck anchor locker lid that is in need of some serious repair work round the edges and the infill panel needs renewing and glassing back in place. Then we got to make a new set of rubbing stakes for the Dinghy "Jasmine" as the old ones were not very good and were made out of the wrong material for the job. Then there is a long list of work to do on Mai-Star II to get through, which as a number of small jobs on the list which can be do in the workshop.

Not to be forgotten there are a few engine repairs to do as well.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

another busy week at J-Star Boat Services

This last week as been a busy week with lots of projects on the go, good progress being made on the restoration dinghy "Jasmine" with the thwart stringers having been made and put in the boat ready to be clinched in place. All the nails that had not been clinched while the boat was on its trailer have now been done. The ends of the planks where they finish on the transom have now been finished and sanded. Now it is just the last two planks on the port side forward to do and two ribs and the owner can then take the boat and start sanding and varnishing and painting and get it ready to go sailing again.

Good progress is being made on the Princess 25 refit with new bulkheads now getting dry fitted together ready for them to be covered in Formica and then put back in the boat and then
trimmed. The fuel tank is now out and will be sent away to have a new one made out of stainless steel. The engine bay has now been painted out and the last of the old fuel system as now been removed ready for the new fuel system to be put in. Shortly the new windows will arrive and then the boat will be weather tight for the first time in a number of years.

Also the work on the enterprise dinghy and Mai-Star II is just ticking away in the back ground with little bits done between other jobs.

Monday, 8 July 2013

Princess 25 refit update part 2

This week's work will be to start to get the boat looking more like a boat than an empty shell and with panels starting to be put back in place and measurement taken for pipe runs for the different services around the boat. Also to remove the old fuel tank out of it s position in the bilge below the cockpit sole and sort out the bilge area tomake it more user friendly and up to date.

Then tackle the engine bay and flow coat the bilge under where the engine goes and then sort out the sound damping for the engine lid and front bulkhead and the rerun the engine fuel lines and put in an up to date spec  fuel system.

This photo shows with a bit of elbow grease and a compounding polisher you can get a shine back on a old tried hull. Now just got to do the gel coat repairs and then polish the hull with a good marine wax polish.
This photo of the bow on shot shows the difference between the compounded side and the one that has  not been done, you can see my van in the side that is compounded.
 This photo of the port side forward show the line between the compounded area and the area that has not been done.
The whole boat look like the compounded area and is now ready to have the Gel coat repairs done.
This photo is of the port side having the first filling of the white gel coat
 This a photo of the starboard side marked up ready to have the same treatment has the port side
 This photo is of the first two bits of new bulkhead dry fitted in place before being taken down and lined with white Formica
 This photo is showing the new locker lids in place
 This photo is of the new floor bilge access lid in place
 This photo is of the new chain locker bulkhead in place
 This photo is of the Volvo stern drive leg starting to be taken part to be serviced and repainted.
This photo shows the old fuel tank now out of the boat, having inspected the inside of the tank it is a drawoff and a new one as to be make, this time out of stainless steel. This is especially true and needed as this boat as a petrol engine and the tank needs to be out of a material that will not curse any problems.

This photo shows the inside of the engine bay with a new fresh coat of bilge paint, it shows how large the engine bay is and how light it becomes when painted in the right colour.
Looking forwards the starboard side.

 This photo is of the same engine bay looking towards the port side.
 This photo show the new toilet bulkhead dry fitted and ready to be now covered in white formica to make the toilet comparment light and airy and easy to keep clean.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Jasmine the Restoration dinghy update

The Restoration dinghy "Jasmine" is coming along well with the last four replacement planks well underway and being planned down to thickness and refitted to the boat,

This photo is of the port side aft
 This photo is of the starboard side with the first of the short planks refitted in place, just needs gluing the scarf and clinching in place over the next few days.
The the bilge keels can be refitted and the boat seams cleaned up and the boat painted before turning back on it keel.  Then the hull can be prepared to be sanded down and re varnished on the outside and then it will be the turn of the inside to be cleaned up and sanded down and re-varnished and the seats and lockers refitted.
The work this week on the boat is to get the first of the short planks fixed in place permanently in place and get the other planks planned down to thickness started to be take place.
This is photo of the bottom of the port side with the scarfs cut and ready for the new planks to be fitted
 This is a photo of the first of short planks dry fitted in place ready to be nailed in place after the scarf  joint is glued and nailed together
 Another photo of the first short plank dry fitted ready to have the scarf joint glued aen the next plank fitted in place and that plank have the joint glued and nailed together and nailed in place
 This photo is of the starboard side bottom looking forward now ready to be repainted,
This week there was progress on getting the next plank on the starboard made and starting to be fitted, so next week will see the starboard planking complete and then be the turn of the port side to have the same treatment.
This photo shows the starboard planking completed apart from general sanding and varnishing and the bilge keel refixing in place.
 This photo is of the same planks from a different angle.
 The last two planks to put in on the port side and then the hull will be painted and varnished before turning it over to finish off the inside.
 This photo shows the scarf joint of the shorter of the two planks that were renewed
 The scarf joint of the longer of the two planks that were renewed showing that the joints were not only glued but cliched as well
 This photo shows there is still a lot of cleaning off of old varnish and revarnishing
 Another photo of the scarf joint on the short planks put in the starboard side.
 This photo shows the end of the planks finished off at the transom and also the garboard plank needs refixing next to the keel.

This week's work started with a lot of painting and varnishing

This is a photo of the inside of the Princess 25 with the lockers under the floors and under the bunks now painted out with white bilge paint.
 This photo is of the port side, showing how much of a difference a bit of paint can make to the look of the inside of the boat
 This photo is of the starboard side in and around the galley area and how it as lifted the area to look bright and clean.
 This photo is of the area below the toilet and highlights the toilet skin fittings.

 This photo is of the locker and floor panels getting their new coat of varnish