Saturday, 31 October 2015

Getting ready to do work on the yacht over the winter months while its afloat.

The yacht now as the main part of its winter cover on and the short mast is in position to hold it up where it needs to be.

 Just got to get the front bit made up to cover the foredeck and that will keep the yacht dry over the winter and so the work on the inside can continue wherever the weather is like outside. 
The yacht will now spend the rest of the winter in this half tide mooring so the planks get a chance to take up gradually over the winter before being hauled out in the spring for a good sanding and fairing of the hull, when the hull as settled down and the planks have all swelled up and the taken position. 

The next job on the yacht is to fit the cockpit coamings
Here they were being planed down to thickness

Halfway through getting them varnished up ready to fit

Now on the yacht ready to fit back into position where the old ones came out and these are a lot stronger and thicker than the old ones and should last just as long if not longer.

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Passing of a legend in my life.

This time last week, I got the news I was not wanting to hear, that my father had just died. He was my rock during my life.  Always there with a caring hand and a quiet word of encouragement when things were getting me down or the problem looked impossible to solve. He also helped me grow my business with a helping hand and endless cuppa's and fatherly advice when needed.

So now that he as passed over the sailors bar for the last time, let remember him for all the joy and fun he brought to my family's lives and that of his many friends lives over the years. RIP Father