Friday, 30 June 2017

Deck now been sanded and given its coat of inter protect primer and when its cured a coat of sand deck paint

The deck was sanded smooth and then given a coat of International InterProtect Primer to seal the epoxy covered deck and give it a base to paint the deck paint on to once it as cured

One job done and once the deck paint is applied the Rubbing strakes and coamings can be made and fitted

Then comes the days of refitting all the fittings both on deck and elsewhere on the dinghy. Then it will be off to the rigging people for its new standing and running rigging.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

A day preparing the deck and covering the new deck with epoxy and matting.

Masking up the inside to stop any epoxy going on to the newly fitted thwarts and seats 

brown paper masking the hull to stop any epoxy going on the varnished hull

Starting to put ther first coat of epoxy on the deck before laying the matting on top and then applying more epoxy resin to seal up the matting 

Foredeck all but finished applying the epoxy resin 

The decks having their layer of matting 

Done the foredeck and down the side decks just the aft deck to finish it off

All done just waiting for it to cure and then trim the edges

The end of the deck and time for a cup of coffee 

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

The thwarts and side benches now in and the filled ready for sanding and sheaving

An empty shell at the beginning of the day 

The thwarts and side benches now getting screwed in position 

The jigsaw puzzle now coming together at last

 The decks now taking shape and soon be ready to get covered with epoxy and matting

Good to see the boat coming together and looking more like its old self once more and getting ready to go sailing

Deck screwed down and the seating starting to go back in

The deck screwed down and the screws holes filled with filler and the seats starting to go back in

The seats are now starting to go back in and get fixed in 

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

The deck now on and glued down and the edges trimmed and the last two broken ribs replaced

The deck finally fitting 

All glued and screwed down and now being trimmed back

The last two ribs now steamed in position and cliched in position 

The deck all done and now to start to cover with epoxy and matting and then start to fit the deck fittings and rubbing strakes and the cockpit coamings  

The deck finally going down on Jasmine and getting it ready to sheave the deck.

The final two panels getting marked out then will be ready to get glued and screwed down

First getting glued and screwed down

all screwed down now ready to fit the starboard deck panel

Monday, 26 June 2017

Dry fitting the foredeck panels on Jasmine

Just sorting out the scarph on the forward end of the aft part of the side deck

Dry fitting the port side panel and cutting the scarph on the aft end of the fore deck panel

Dry fitting the scraph joint 

Both panels have their scraph joints dry fitted and just the central joint to sort out.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Last week was busy with a lot going on in the workshop.

The Jasmine is coming along well with the planks finally cliched up and finished and the two broken ribs removed and the priming of the new planking on the inside of the having been done by the owner.

Her new deck is now starting to take shape with the aft deck and the aft parts of the side decks now glued and screwed in position and ready to sand down once the foredeck and the rest of the side decks are fitted and glued down.

The cabinet work for another client is well in hand and should be finished this week.

Once the Jasmine is finished then the Enterprise can go back in the workshop to be finished off and as as the 8ft dinghy restoration project. Then the Hardy and Shetland boats will be able to go back to their owner and in the case of the Shetland Family Four up on Brokerage to await a new owner.   

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

A busy start to the week and lot more to come to get done over the week.

As it was finished last week with the whole of the bottom scraped and underwater primed 

The hull was polished and then the first coat of fresh antifouling was applied  

Looking a lot better than she did a month or so  ago 

Just got to get a new steering cable and some new turnbuckles for the canopy and she will be back on her moorings again

Making a start on the GRP repairs on the dinghy and finishing off the wood trim and then it will be ready for a new coat of paint on the Hull.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

A busy Saturday Morning getting work back on track after a crazy week

Getting the scarf cut on the second plank for Jasmine  

Laying out the plank on the bench so I can plane the land bevel on before making the first dry fit to see if the correct amount of bevel is on the plank land

Once the pplank for Jasmine was sorted out it was outside in the yard to polish the hull of the Hardy Navigator "Me Time" The first good compounding and polishing the Boat as had in 3 years and it look better for it. 

After scarping the bottom of any loose antifouling gave the bottom a light sanding and thern applied a coat of underwater primer to create a barrier between the old and new antifouling 

Last, but least the restoration of an old GRP dinghy which as a new centre thwart and just got to fit the quarter and bow knees and the new wood trim will be complete. 

Friday, 16 June 2017

Busy day on Jasmine getting her planks in on both sides

Second plank forward scarf dry fitted 

Port side all nailed up ready to by cliched up over the weekend

Going to be  a long day 

Once the cliching is done then the new deck can get glued and screwed in position

Another couple pf rows of nails to be cliched up next week the joys of clinker build boats