Thursday, 26 January 2017

Progress on the work's Dinghy

Shaping the transom pad to fit, before getting ready to grind the inside of the hull ahead of the marine plywood pad.

Putting a tie brace into the hull to stop it flexing while glassing in the transom pad and the aft seat bulkhead.

Final fitting of the seat bulkhead before doing the grinding to glass this bulkhead in place at the same time as doing the transom pad.

Setting out the position of the forward locker floor and then making a pattern to fit the position set out by the two bits of batten at the correct height. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Progress on the rudder coming along

Once the rudder fitting was removed then the work in clearing up the rudder could begin 

Getting the loose antifouling off was not to hard, but getting rid of the base layer was a bit more difficult to remove

Once it was removed it was the turn of the middle rudder fitting to get a clear up 

Also there and then turn it over and do the same again on the other side before giving it a coat of underwater primer to seal the surface.

The rudder blade as now been sanded and primed and is just waiting for the repaired rudder fitting to returned when it is finished and the rudder can be refitted to the yacht. At the same time as the bottom rudder fitting was being repaired the other fittings were inspected and renewed as necessary. 

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Making a start on the rudder repairs and clearing off the old antifouling of the blade.

Now I have got the rudder fitting off the rudder blade, I can see the wear on the fitting, it could be resleeved or it may have to be remade on the end of the fitting.

The worn out fitting prior to removing it from the rudder.

Grinding back the bottom rudder fitting to expose the copper bar holding the fittting in place 

Blade almost clean of old antifouling  and ready for a quick sanding down and under water primer

Getting to grips with the inside of the cabin ready to get working on the planking

Getting the inside stripped of all the berth cushions and berth tops and floor boards

Now that all the loose fittings are removed it is easier to see what if any the damage there is to sort out.

Get will a good clearing out with degreaser and a good drying out before the bilge and under bunk area get painted with bilge painth

The cabin hull sides will need the same treatment and good wash down and a fresh coat of paint.

Friday, 20 January 2017

So the hard work of sorting out the hull begins

Starting to remove the paint the old fashion way with a blow torch and a scraper

First bit of rot in the top plank next to the stem

Almost there on the frst side 

Just got to do the other side and the transom and then the rudder

First side sanded and ready to tackle the repairs to the top plank 

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Now getting to grips with the job in hand on the latest project.

A area of wet rot on the top plank between the chainplates  

                            Hopefully not over a large area and just one it appears at the moment

            A worn out rudder bearing which will need replacing as well as the middle bearing


                             The area of the rotten plank before the rubbing stake is removed

Monday, 16 January 2017

The next project, a bit of TLC to been it back up to sailing condition

The next project to get on with, it is in need of a bit of TLC with a bit of planking that needs replacing and a few ribs and paint job.

Friday, 13 January 2017

Looking at the next job in the bilge and the apprentice sanding away in the fore peakand fitting veneers to the top of the transom

Clean bilge area ready to refit the steel keel braces 

The apprentice sanding down the underside of the fore deck 

Fitting veneers to the top of the transom to replace the old split veneers

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Sorting out the decks and getting ready to make the quadrant to fit round the deck

Before we made a start on the sanding of the deck the cabin area had to be sheeted up to stop any dust from going down below. 

Then the decks had to cleared of any loose items and then get out the orbital sander and finger motor sander to get where the other sander could not get in around any deck fittings 

The biggest job was sanding level the new repairs with the old deck covering and making level 

After the decks are sanded then we have to fit quadrant around the cabin sides and make fancy end pieces to join the different lengths of quadrant together. 

anf make an odd angled piece to go along the edge of the deck covering to the face of the transom to ensure the transom to deck covering joint is watertight.

Making new quadrant to go round the cabin side to deck joint,

The main length cut in two to make the long e=runs for the cabin sides.

The short lengths for the ends of the cockpit and top of the transom.

Friday, 6 January 2017

Deck repairs to 1960's wooden ketch

Cutting the rotten gunwales and a small repair to forward deck beam.

Fitting the sub deck 

Fitting the gunwale grading pieces 

Gluing and screwing in sub deck 

Refitting the stemhead fitting after fitting a spacer panel to the back of the stem

Foredeck area epoxied and matted over to make it watertight

Fitting a grading to the hood end 

Fitting grading piece to edge of deck 

Fitting the inter panel to protect the area of the toe rail under the fair leads 

The job on the foredeck completed 

A lot of work still ahead as there are a number of jobs still to do