Monday, 29 April 2013

First of the new planks back in place

The photo of the first plank now nailed in place ready to be fixed in permanently, looking aft.
 Photo looking forward into the bow

Back to working on old boats

today it is working on old boats again, fitting new planks into the restoration dinghy as well as making new thwart stringers. these have to be made before putting in the new planks as they will not go inside the boat expect through the holes where the planks are missing, because of their length.

Also today I have to interview a young person who wishes to become my apprentice in September, if the interview work out well and the person is the right candidate and someone who as the right mind set.

Then I have to get on and do some work on my own boat and get some work done on that to get it ready for the Spring Bank Holiday, so that I can take a break and enjoy my own boat.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Work back at home base for while.

Now that I have come back from Scotland for a while, it is now time to get on with some of the jobs nearer to home. Mainly my own boats and get them ready to go sailing again. I have to get the new cabin sides made and also the new cabin roof to make and fitted and so my wife can start to do the job she likes doing, that is the painting and varnishing the wood as she is good at it. This leaves me to get on with the more dirty jobs of clearing out bilges and sorting out engine controls and clearing water tanks.

Once the cabin sides and roof are on then it will be the turn of the cockpit to get rebuild and painted and under seat lockers made to store all the loose gear that is used in sailing the boat, such as warps,fenders, fuel cans, gas bottles etc.... Once the upper works are done then it will be the turn of the hull to get the once over and be painted once more and the toerails and rubbing stakes and other deck trims to be varnished and then the deck to be repainted with anti slip deck paint.

At the same time interview a young person to train as an apprentice boat builder and teach the person the age old skills they need to be a good boat builder in the future.