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Wednesday, 18 July 2018

fitting a small temporary floor to be able to work on replacing the plank easier and boring out the stern tube log

Fitting a small temporary floor in the cockpit to make it easier to work on replacing the plank and the bilge stringer. 

A little tidy up to be able to see the wood for the trees

Find a piece of iroko in the wood pile which is just the correct thickness and length 

Boring out the hole for the inner gland and then ensuring it is a good fit 

Boring from both ends to ensure the hole for the tube is in the correct position

Tuesday, 17 July 2018

final two sections glued and screwed down, let the trimming begin

The final two fore deck sections are glued down and it is now time to trim back the sections glued down yesterday and then end up with the two sections glued down this morning 

Looking a lot better than a few weeks ago when the yacht had no deck on or any paint on the hull, so the whole job is coming along well at the moment.

Now got to sort the deck for sheathing it over once it is trimmed back 

Finally all the outside edges of the decks are trimmed and planed to the correct angle of the plank to deck edge so that the rubbing strakes will sit against the hull when the deck is sheathed.    

The line is now true and fair round the hull which is the way it should be

That is one job that as been a long and at times difficult, however the end result is well worth the challenge.

Monday, 16 July 2018

Busy Monday in the workshop

After sanding and fairing the first layer of plywood it was time to glue and screw down the second and final layer of plywood on the Finesse 24 

The deck is now done apart from the fore deck which will be done in the morning and then it will be time to make progress on the hull plank that was removed last week.

Friday, 13 July 2018

Busy day down at the boatyard taking a plank out and giving the hull of the yacht more coats of primer

Got the split plank out of the hull after first having to remove the aft section of bilge stringer which cover the upper set of fixing nails

The plank on the bench to see how it became split in the first place and see how to avoid it next time

uncovering damage which was there for sometime as this plank or any plank around it have never been repaired or moved in 45 years 

The space where the plank was as well as the bilge stringer removed so as to get access to the plank to fit a new section of plank into the hull 

The section of the plank above the split plank with a piece missing from this plank 

A couple of different views of the plank showing the job ahead fitting the new plank

The split plank before it was removed 

These are photos of the hull now having its third and fourth coats of primer on the hull and after its first bit of surface filling being done and sanded back.


Thursday, 12 July 2018

The painting is coming along well

The priming of the hull is coming along well with the hull getting its second coat of primer and its first lot of filling of the marks and imperfections in the hull and its first good sanding down by the owner. 

The hull is now starting to look more like it was when it was new and great care taken by the owner to make as good as it can be.

Looking good from all its different angles 

The first layer of marine plywood is now glued and screwed down in position

Getting ready to put the first section of deck down the glue and the grease for the screws ready.

one final check that there is nothing that as not been done before fixing down the deck

and we are off screws and glue at the ready and the battery drill / screwdriver fully charged and off we go  

There it is all down are now waiting for the glue to cure and then sand off the joints between the panels and flatten off any high spots and epoxy glue the second layer of plywood.  

Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Busy day with a number of jobs getting underway in different stages

The port hole is out of a classic 1930's yacht and as seen better days, the list of problems with this porthole are that the opening part the seal was incorrectly fitted and was one source of  a leak and the other is the sealant that beds the glass in the opening part of porthole. So it is off to the window restorers to get this sorted.

The stern tube with the restored ends ready to put in the new stern tube log which is now drilled out ready for the main hole to be drilled in it to fit the tube.

The guide hole drilled in the stern tube log now it is a matter of boring out the main hole to fit the stern tube in it and then bolt it back in the yacht.

The Hardy 25 custom shower tray released from its plug and now in need of a bit of tidying up and cutting to the correct height and then fitting to the tiolet/ shower compartment and so the rest of the work can be got on with to start the rebuilt of the compartment and the est of the boat.

Monday, 9 July 2018

Major steps forward on painting the hull and on the decks

The yacht's hull now has two coats of primer on the hull which is making the whole project look like it is coming on.

These coats of primer are making a difference to the overall look of the yacht and making it come back to life.

Marking out one of the second layers of marine plywood to make the deck up to the correct thickness the owner wishes to have on his yacht.

The first layer now completed and starting to mark out and cut the second layer of marine plywood to fit the first layer and fit the cabin sides.

Second layer progressing well just over half of it cut and now getting ready to trim it into position