Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Then it was all gone and time to sort out the beam shelf and the deck beams

Now that the deck beams out of the way it is time to sort out the beam shelf and the landing areas of the ends of the beams 

The beams were not holding much apart from a a piece of plywood that holding them together

The extend of the rot in the cabin side and deck beams

The aft deck just fell out in a pile of dust 

The deck beam end on the cabin side was in a bad way as there was not a lot of sound wood to support it 

The same is true of the front end of the fore and aft running deck beam 

The old fore cabin deck hatch and its surround 

The only bit of rot in the fore cabin area which in the toilet compartment where there is not a lot of ventilation and the area is always damp   

The major area of rot in the cabin side at the starboard aft end of the main cabin 

The deck now all cleared away and now can start on the re-building

The fore cabin roof/ deck head plywood is now gone and as no surprises  that were not already none about before the plywood was removed 

This sliding hatch runner is being left in place while the other work around the hatch beams is done so there is a reference point to work to when building the rest back in place  

These beams have patch rot in them so these will be coming out during the course of the refit

The upstand forward end main cabin is in sound condition and just needs a good sanding and clearing up to make in good 

The fore cabin deck beams are in good condition apart from getting a good clean up with a sander and some course sandpaper to get rid of the old glue on the top of the beams before being able to glue down the new deck plywood 

A good overall view of the deck and the job ahead

The other deck beams that have to come out before the new plywood deck can get laid  

Friday, 27 July 2018

The major areas of rot in the cabin sides and deck beams and hanging knees

The worse area of rot is in the starboard aft corner of the cabin where the cockpit front bulkhead and cabin side and the deck beam all come together with so many joints it is difficult to seal them all. However with modern materials it should be possible for a good joint to be achieved 

After forty five years something as to fail, good that it is is just in one small area in the bigger picture of the refit of the yacht. 

This is one major part that did not get find until the sliding-hatch surround was removed  to do the deck 

A attack of the boat rats, much 
get a ship's cat 

 Also there then it is the turn of the fore hatch and its surround and the mast step to remove.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Time to remove the upper deck which is in need of renewing as parts are rotten

The first part of the job is to take out the sections between the beams 

Then take out the pieces over the beams 

Starting to remove the old plywood off the top of the cabin sides and the deck beams, it is a bit heavy going as the plywood is held down with 2" wire nails, so they are difficult to extract.

Halfway along the job, now on the way up the port side and then take the fore hatch and its base off and the mast tabernacle as well 

The major bit of rot in the cabin side and the short deck beams and the main deck beam at the front of the sliding hatch Which will need replacing  

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

The plank is going in the bottom and the bilge stringer is now dry fitted

The plank joint is now glued and propped up into position so when it is cured the nails can be put in and the plank will then be finally fixed in place

The bilge stringer is now ready to fix in position once the plank is fixed 

The rear prop holding the aft end of the plank so it is held with a twist to help it fit the plank lands 

The front props holding the front joint in position

Monday, 23 July 2018

The plank is now dry fitted and the work on the stringer is underway

The plank is now dry fitted and is getting its  first coat of primer before getting fitted in the bottom.

Then it will be the turn of the stringer to get fitted and I have made the joint 

Starting to cut the second half of the joint for the bilge stringer and then it can be fitted after the plank is fitted and nailed in position 

One cabin side all sanded back and now a start as been made on the other cabin side

It is coming up well and once finished it will look as good as when it was first built  45 years ago.

Sunday, 22 July 2018

While the boat builder was away from the workshop for a while the busy apprentice was at work

The apprentice got his heat gun out and his sander and got to work on removing all the varnish off the cabin side and was able to get rid of all the faded wood and get back to the originally colour of the cabin side which are a beautiful dark red mahogany. One side done as far back as the cockpit 

Now he as the starboard side to do and this will improve the look of the yacht greatly. Then this coming week it will be the turn of the decks to get covered and the plank in the bottom to get fitted by next weekend.

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Starting to fit the new plank in the bottom and making the new bilge stringer

Using the old plank as a rough pattern to make the new plank after taking off the necessary measurements  

The new bilge stringer beside the old bilge stringer to be cut to length and fitted after the plank is fitted and nailed into position

First fitting of the new plank into positionto check angles and length of joints.

The stern tube log/deadwood is now bored out and the tube is fitted

A long job cutting out the hole for the stern tube to fit in the deadwood, however, it is finally done and now it will be time to fit it back in the yacht.

Being green oak is has been a long cutting job with a few hole saw bits to do the job

A good fit in the deadwood and now a matter of fitting it all back together on the yacht