Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Finally got the green oak for the ribs, now I can get on with replacing the last remaining ribs

Finally got the green oak for the ribs, now I can get on with replacing the last remaining ribs. then I can get on with the painting of the hull. So over the next few days it will be spent in the workshop sawing the oak planks down to the size of the ribs, then putting them through the thicknesser/planner and then finally taking them to the boatyard to steam them in the boat. Once that is done can turn my attention to painting and varnishing the hull and cabin sides.

At the same time can get on with varnishing and painting the inside of the cabin especially the  varnish work on the cabin sides and the bare patches of white paint work which needs touching up and priming. then the whole of the inside needs a coat of fresh undercoat and white gloss and the trims need fitting and varnishing once they are in place.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Starting to mark out the shape and size of the hull number one

The jig is now set-up and is ready to go 

Making up temp mould stations 

Now with hull shape battens in position giving the out line of the shape of the hull.

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

New boat building project

Cutting the framework to length

Starting to build the framework to fit the mould stations to once they are cut to shape

Framework finished off ready to fit mould stations too.

Mould station material ready to cut out

Just a bit of  sketching out ideas. 

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Time to start painting the outside of the Yacht now the weather is getting better.

Although the inside is coming along well it will be good to turn our attention to the outside of he yacht and bring it back up to scratch. 

She has graceful lines and will look good once all the painting and varnishing is done again and she will shine once more.

She has a beautiful wine glass stern which will make her glide through the water. 

All the team need is a few days of good weather and we will be able to transform this yacht back to a  sea going yacht once more.

Friday, 3 April 2015

Getting to grips with the painting of the inside of the cabin and the cockpit.

The cabin roof before starting to paint 
After the first coat of  primer of which it had two coats
After two coats of undercoat 
 and finally to its first coat of white gloss 
 First of two coats of primer 
 Then after two coats of undercoat now ready for the gloss after the last three ribs are steamed in 

Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Painting and varnishing inside the cabin of Mai-Star II

First job was to mask up the cabin sides after they had been rubbed down ready for their next coat of varnish.

All the cabin sides masked ready and so it begins
 The start of a long job, panting the roof with primer which will have two coats before starting on the undercoat

All finished on the first coat of primer

The cabin side having had two coats of varnish and before it was rubbing down ready for the masking up to paint the roof.