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Saturday, 19 January 2019

A few more jobs to get on with this coming week and should be ready to go back to its owner's mooring

Now that a few of thew deck fittings are back in position in is time to put the rest back on

The hatches have to have a coat of deck paint then that they have been coated with epoxy primer 

The same with the vents on the roof

The spacers for the Genoa tracks have been primed and just need coating with deck paint before these go on and the Genoa tracks will be better than before as the water will not collect on the high side of the tracks

The two hatches now epoxy primed and ready for their coat of blue deck paint

The fore deck just needs to be finished off with the trims round the Samson post and the cabin sides and then the bowsprit can be refitted.

Sorting out the position of the Stanchion bases ready to bolt them back on the deck

Finally the pushpit need bolting down as two of its fixings are the backstay anchoring points 

The Finesse 21 is now in its final stages of its refit

The owner came over in the last few days and as painted the new deck and will be soon be putting back the deck fittings and the Team at J-Star Marine Services will be refitting the new gunwales and deck to cabin side trims and then it will be ready to go back to its owner's mooring.

Keeping the yard tidy and hazard free as much as a boatyard can be

One of the first jobs apprentices have to learn as part of their new skills is to keep their working area tidy and clean so that they are safe and they can work in a clean working space. 

The boats that are ready to go back to their owner are neatly parked in the yard to ensure they are safe and secure and are ready to be trailed away by the owner's car of other vehicle when they come to pick up their boat.  

The old yacht will be coming in the workshop in the spring for a full on refit and got ready for the summer sailing season.

Other projects other than boats

GRP Trailer repairs and rebuilding 

This trailer wind shield for a box trailer came to get reconstructed as it was involve in an accident, so the owner ask if we could put it back together again, so we were put to the challenge to rebuild the trailer front and we are well on our way to getting put back together   

The first job is to stitch together the spilt parts and then glass over the whole area to give it strength back before tackling the outside face of the panel which will need profiling back to its original shape. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The deck as now been primed around the edges where the rubbing strakes and trims are going to be fitted

Re-masked up the cabin sides and down the hull to stop any paint from going where it should not be and also to protect the areas that have been varnished and painted from any sealant getting on areas it should not be going.

One the deck is all coated with epoxy primer then all the fitting can go back on and the yacht will soon be ready to leave the workshop. 

Now it is a matter of getting the trims sorted and fixed back in place and then the owner can varnish the trims and the rubbing strakes