Friday, 15 November 2019

The painting of the speed boat is now underway with masking up the sides of the hull as these will be done in a different colour

The bottom is now all faired up and masked off ready to be have its first coat of  Primicom  

The first coat of primer is now applied just three more coats to go over the next few day   

Thursday, 14 November 2019

The portside main bulkhead now in position and patterning up for the piece to fit in the gap between the bulkhead and the side of the hull

Now that the main part of the port bulkhead is now in its final position it is time to mark the pattern piece to get the fill in piece to fit 

The bulkhead now fitting all the way round it just needs to be masked up before the glassing in of the bulkhead can start  

The pattern piece held in position ready to mark off the edge of the pattern ready to be able to transfer the marks to a piece of  plywood to make the infill piece

The first part of the bulkhead is nearly dry fitted and the foredeck repair is well on its way

The first part of the second portside main bulkhead is now almost dry fitted into its position and now needs a bit of final trimming to fit correctly. Once it is in the correct position the second part can be made and fitted and the whole of the bulkhead can be glassed into position.

The foredeck repair is well underway and now it is time to grind back the area of the foredeck around the repair to get the centre part up to the same height as the surrounding deck 

The next two layers of CSM to get the height to the correct level to start filling and fairing the top surface ready to gel ocat the final surface to be the same level as the surrounding deck  

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Cutting out the second port side main bulkhead and filling in the area of the foredeck that was lower than the rest

The pattern in position and having the measurements taken off the edges so that the new bullhead can be fitted in the correct position  

Having transferred the measurements off the pattern on to the piece of marine plywood then cut the edges to near the marks to aid final fitting once itis in position in the boat 

Then bulkhead now in the cabin ready to be put in position and final fitting before glassing in to position 

The foredeck area getting filled up with CSM three layers at a time until it is close to the surface of the surrounding area then the edge of the area will be grown away to let the last few layers glass on to the surrounding area to bond the two areas together 

Cutting more CSM to fill up the central area before the last two layer are glassed in to bond the whole area together and then the whole area will be gelcoated over to make the area look like the rest of the foredeck 

Monday, 11 November 2019

Continuing work on the Morgan Giles 30

Now that the work on the foredeck is about to start it was time to put some light in the forecabin so that I could see the amount of work needed to be done on the underside of the foredeck to reinforce the area which before had a rotten piece of plywood in and which now will be reinforced with several layers of fibreglass before the foredeck is re-profiled  back to its original shape and camber

Sticking heavy duty tape to hold the filler placed in the old holes in the sunken area of the foredeck before the whole area start to get its new layers of fibreglass back up to its original height 

The area now filled with filler and now just needs sanding down when it is cured and then the first layers of fibreglass can be laid in the sunken area to get it back to the correct depth.

Stating to fit the pattern panel to be able to mark round the outer edge to make up the correct size of the bulkhead. This bulkhead will have to go in two sections as the distance between the mast post and the side of yacht is more than four foot which is the width of the marine plywood.

Now clamped into position it is time to mark round the edges to make the new bulkhead.