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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Now that the painting as been done the yacht is looking more like its original self when she was build

All the hard work by the owner's partner with careful rubbing down between coats has started to make the transom look like it did when the yacht was first launched 45 years ago, 

The owner has been applying a number of coats of white undercoat and is building up the layers and the yacht's hull is now starting to look more like its original self and is going to look beautiful on the water when she goes afloat

The hull is now starting to look every bit the beautiful yacht she is and in this ownership will enjoy many an enjoyable sailing miles

Looking beautiful from any angle and something to be proud of with all the hard work put in by the owner and his family 

The cockpit sole bearers are coming along well with them being fitted in position so the the area can be used to help rebuild the cabin roof/deckhead 

A lot of measuring to get it to fit in position 

Lots of angles to work out and cut to ensure it fit in the correct position 

The first side also in position with just a small amount  of trimming to be done

Monday, 17 September 2018

The change of colour from grey to white as began

The before photo of the Finesse 24 with its grey primer 

Now it is starting to turn to white with the first of three coats undercoat, then it will get its top coats of Med White gloss.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Finally finished fixing the plank in position and now its time to make some wedges and fix the bilge stringer

Now that the plank is now fixed in position with its nails and roves it is time to make the wedges to go under the ribs where the nails come through the planks.

This photo is to show how many nails are holding this plank in position 

Starting to get the plank back in the bottom of the yacht 

Having removed the plank it was time to clean up the edges and make a pattern from the old plank 

Before I started to get to grips with the stringer and plank

Friday, 14 September 2018

New cockpit sole bearers on the port side made up

Setting out the old cockpit sole bearers ready to piece together the jigsaw puzzle 

Making the first of the cockpit sole bearers and have been able to use one of the original bearers as it is good condition and able to be reused  

Dry fitting them together so it can be dismantled it need be once it is in the cockpit for final adjustments 

Already to put in the cockpit to fit in position and make any final adjustments. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

The cockpit rebuilding is underway and then the cabin roof and cabin side repairs

The forward bulkhead will be sorted with new wood being put in place to fix the sole bearers to be fixed too.

The old aft cockpit sole bearer being used as a datum marker to be able to reference the rest of the cockpit sole bearers  

Part of the old aft bulkhead, using this a reference marker as well 

All the pieces of wood planned up to the correct size to make into the new cockpit sole bearers

The first piece back in position and now the jigsaw puzzle can start to go back together