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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

the staging is around the boat so the work can start on the decks

The staging is round the boat at the correct height to work on the deck

The first major job is going to be cleaning the deck beams of all the old glue and bits of old deck left behind when it was removed 

This is going to take a while as there are a lot of areas that need repairing before the new deck is fitted and also areas where the deck beams do not line  up with other deck beams making the deck laid un-evening, especially on the after deck and the fore deck.

work progressing on the Hardy 25's shower tray moulding and the Finesse centreboard bolt removal

The Hardy 25's shower tray plug mould is now constructed and now it is being filled and faired so that it can be coated with epoxy to seal the surface and then the black gelcoat can be applied to finish the plug surface before the plug is used to make the custom shower tray for this Hardy 25.

A lot of filling and fairing to be done until the surface is good enough to make it into a plug to take a moulding off

A long job for the owner to remove the seized bolt out of the iron stub keel a lot of patience as this is not an easy job at the best of times.  

Monday, 18 June 2018

A finesse in the workshop for new deck and plank

The Finesse 24 is back in the workshop after it has had a change of ownership and this time it is going to have a new deck and a split plank replaced  

The major work is going to be on the decks 

The major problem is going to be sorting out the poor work done before and the ill fitting work on the deck beams and carlins 

This is the split plank that needs replacing 

Thursday, 14 June 2018

At last the first two items of equipment go back on the boat

The new toilet discharge skin fitting is fixed back in place

The saildrive unit hull garter is back on the bottom so that part of the job is done, just got to fit the new anode and the repaired propeller when it comes back from the prop repair shop. 

Wednesday, 13 June 2018

cockpit works underway

all the woodwork that has been put into the cockpit over the years is now removed apart from the locker fronts which are using to be left in place and used to determine the size of the locker tops  

The old heater ducting removed to gain access to items under the cockpit sole and will be going back in once all the work under the cockpit sole is finished

Removed the old steering pipes as these are no longer any good as the Autopilot as been removed and the pipe run will now go directly to the steering ram at the back of the boat.

At last the panel as got the last of the old instruments removed and now have to work out how best to fit the new instruments to the dashboard and make an upper dashboard to fit the extra instrument into a pod on the top of the dashboard. 

The starter motor terminal felt off as it had not been fitted correctly 

This is the other end and terminal is just about fixed on, but would not take much for it too to fall off like the other end.

Let the rebuild being after finishing the fixing of the rope fender rubbing strake.