Friday 1 December 2023

A number of parts ready to go back into the cabin, now that the carpets are glued back in the cabin.

The cabin entrance hatch and the folding doors that now can go back in place and which will help keep the cabin warm while working in the cabin refitting the parts to rebuild the cabin.

The three shelves in the foreground which ow can be re-fixed in place now the carpets are glued on the hull  

A lot of trims that can be re-fixed.

Once the crpets are glued on the bunk fronts these trims can be refixed in position 

This shelf unit can be refixed on the port cabin.cockpit bulkhead  as well.


Thursday 30 November 2023

The start of Stage two, getting the hull linings glued on to the hull and finishing off the cabin side linings.

The cabin side linings all now glued up under the side decks and the tops of the hull linings glued to make the linings complete from deckhead to the bottom edge of the side of the hull.

The hardest part was getting the linings to glue up under the side decks and to get the top edges of the hull linings to meet in a neat line.

The hull now completed and the bunk fronts to do next after running the water pipe from the water pump in the port bow locker and round to the galley area and under the shower tray to the hot water tank under the cockpit floor.

The pile of carpets are getting smaller, although it does not look like at the moment.


Wednesday 29 November 2023

So the transformation begins

The pile of cabin side linings ready to glue back in position 

The first of the cabin side linings glued back in position 

the front lining back up in position just got to glue the linings under the decks. 

Finally the port side lining glued back in position and now the turn of the hull linings and then the bulkheads can start to go back in position. 


Tuesday 28 November 2023

The start of the refitting of the Hardy 25

The first bulkhead to go back into the Hardy 25 is the port side cockpit to cabin bulkhead and now the linings can start to get glued back into the boat.

The cockpit step boards back in the cockpit and ready to be used once more.

The olny job to do in the cockpit is to remove all the old foam off the hull and so the new linings can be glued in position.

The shower tray now back in the boat, just needs a couple of supports to keep it in position.

The first three cabin side linings in position ready to be glued back on the cabin sides and once the carpets are glued on the hull the rest of the bulkheads can get fixed back in position. 


Tuesday 14 November 2023

Getting the cabin ready to reline out with side and carpet linings

The first job to do is clean off all the old foam and old glue from the cabin sides and hull. 

Now with a cover over the top of the boat it is going to be possible to remove the windows out of the cabin sides and get new windows made while we reline the cabin sides.

The surface of the the cabin sides and hull will need a gentle wire wheeling to get rid of  any small bits of old glue and foam and then be able to get to grips with relining the cabin.

While the linings are not in place it will give us a chance to put the new water pipes and fix the water pump back in place and fit the inspection hatch for the water tank as well. 

Another job to do while the boat interior is not in place is to refix the fuel tank and sort out the hot water tank under the cockpit floor.