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Thursday, 15 November 2018

Hardy 25 Cockpit work

The mock up of the helmsman seat to gauge it correct height and position from the steering wheel and engine controls. Now that it is made the measurements can be taken off and made out of teak faced marine plywood.

The first coat of flow coat put on the aft bulkhead and the hull. Once it is coated again it will the teak faced plywood bulkheads covered in Formica so the compartment can be used as a shower and toilet compartment. 

The next job is the cockpit is going to be the aft locker lids which need edging with mahogany and fixing down in position ready to be covered with the same covering as the floor. 

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Making the new outer keel for the Halcyon dinghy and continuing the varnishing and paint of the Mai-Star Class dinghy

Having collected the hardwood board for the timber merchants, it is now cut out of the board and shaped to roughly the shape and thickness of the outer keel. Now a fair amount of power planning to the correct shape and size to fit in the dinghy.

The bottom is now all painted and is ready to have the new outer keel fitted as soon as the outer keel is made to fit the keel shape.

The varnishing is coming along well and should be able to turn the dingy over to paint the hull in a few days time.

Tuesday, 13 November 2018

The Mai-Star Class dinghy is now had its first white gloss coat on the inside

The inside of the dinghy as now had its first gloss coat and now just needs one more to finish off the inside paint job.

Then the gloss is now almost finished the varnishing of the gunwales and top plank can get their further coats 

The transom now coming along well, now it is just a matter of getting as many coats on the bare wood to build up the coats until there is a good gloss finish

The thwarts are coming along well with more coats going on daily until they have enough coats to withstand a season use. 

Varnish work all over the workshop getting coats during the working day and if it is warm enough sometimes two coats a day.

Monday, 12 November 2018

The progress on the Mai-Star Class dinghy

The inside of the dinghy now masked up and the undercoat painted above the masking tape line, the line is just a guide which will be equalled out when the final bilge and white gloss is appeared

Looking better now that the white part is all white and as been over coated  with white undercoat

The transom in now sanded back to bare wood and is ready to be varnished again

The first of many coats of varnish the hardwood is going to get over the course of the next few weeks.

The thwarts getting the same treatment before being put in the dinghy after the centreboard case is made and fitted in the dinghy. 

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Progress on the Mai-Star Class dinghy

The dinghy is starting to look better with a fresh coat of primer on the inside the hull and the oak rubbing strakes and mahogany upper mast step and top plank getting its first thinned coat of varnish

The upper mast step starting to look better for a coat of varnish, just got to have 12+ more coats of varnish before it is finished

All the thwarts having their edges trimmed with iroko to protect the edges from damage as this wood is harder wearing

Now they are clamped together now have wait for the glue to cure and then plane the edges to the correct shape and size.