Friday, 31 January 2020

New cockpit seacocks and other jobs underway this week

The new cockpit drain hull skin fittings now have arrived so making a start on filling up the holes that are still in the bottom of the boat. The only holes left in the bottom will be the engine intake which will be fitted once the engine is decide on and the hull anode hole. the other fittings to go in will be new fittings for the sea toilet and the sea water tap hull fittings, these are going to fitted later in the refit 

The first of many coats of varnish on these bulkheads 

The first of three water tanks to be fitted in the boat in different places around the boat 

The fuel tank in need aa few few mods to bring up to standard 

The forecabin windows now glassed up as they are no longer needed with this yacht new roll/

Monday, 27 January 2020

Fitting the small foredeck hatch and glassing up the forward set of windows in the cabin sides

The hatch plinth all sanded and ready to shape the bottom face to fit on to the cabin roof 

The fore and aft sides needed to be spoke shaved to make it fit the cabin roof the amount varied from forward side to aft side as the cabin roof shape differed from side to side 

Finally fitted it and now ready to fit when the boat is painted later in the refit

The front set of  cabin windowsfinally glassed up and ready to be sanded back when the cabin is painted 

Friday, 24 January 2020

The edges of the fibreglass been cut back and the work started in the lazarette and the small foredeck hatch plinth made

now that the correct amount of layers of fibreglass is applied to the bulkheads it is time to trim up the edges of the fibreglass to make a neat edge to the fibreglass

This as been done on both faces of the bulkheads so there is a clear line between the bonding and the bulkhead

work as started in the lazarette locker with the removing of the old fibreglass bonding so that it is easier to work in this small area 

The fuel tank base as been removed to inspect the framework to see if there is any work needed before rebuilding the base  andfitting the fuel tank in position and fitting braces to hold it in position

The small foredeck hatch as now got it's new teak plinth so now the plinth can nowbe shapedto fit the curve of the deck whereit is going to be fitted

The original floor bearer now glued into position  and just needs to be glassed into position and the other floor bearers can be made and fitted then the new floor can be made and the spares locker and the toilet compartment can start to be constructed 

The area round this bulkhead is now clear so it can be fibreglassed on the lazarette side 

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Toilet skin fittings all serviced and hull pads made and a start made on the small foredeck hatch plinth.

The two sea cocks now all stripped down a lapped in and greased and the new plywood pads made ready to fit once their new position is sorted out 

The new small foredeck hatch plinth is now underway 

Starting the next stage of the Morgan Giles Refit

Now that the aft set of bulkheads are now glassed in with the correct number of layers of fibreglass the refit between the bulkheads can start with the making of the shower sump tray and the fitting of the floor bearers to support the new floor and the toilet.

The area between the bulkheads before the floor bearers are made and set out 

One of the original floor bearers which was able to be saved and will be refitted to set up the height of the floor.

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

A new start for the new decade and new year

The start of a new year and new projects to get underway,also other ongoing projects to restart after the Christmas break. The Hardy 25 is not finished for the time being and is being used by its owner to do some river fishing near his home, in the spring it intends to use it with the family to go on mini cruising trip around his local area and may be further once he as got used to his boat. 

Other project that will be restarting are the Morgan Giles 30 refit which is into its second year

The wooden speedboat that i was repainting and repairing the bottom of last year, which will be out on the water in the spring if the refit goes to plan and the deck and cockpit areas are easy to repair and sort out. then it will be the engine to refit and the engine controls and steering to sort out.

New projects coming through will be the making of a new range of 8ft GRP dinghies with lots of wood trim, the wood to be sourced locally and all the fittings to be the same, sourced locally wherever possible and in some cases made myself, such as the oars and other small fittings for the dinghies.

Also this year make a big push to get my Gaff rigged yacht back together and back on the water so that I can enjoy a few hours of relaxing sailing after work in the summer.

So all in all a good plan for the new year and hope for a better future in 2020.

Thursday, 2 January 2020

Starting back with a lot of jobs to do on the Morgan Giles 30

Setting out the forecabin hatches so that it is known how much the deck as to be modified to fit the new hatches to the cabin roof  

The first modification is to cut away the upstand on the front of the main forehatch as it is in the way and does not allow the new hatch to go far enough forward to use the available space of the new hatch  

The new toilet compartment hatch is using the area that the original vent used and is just making the hole larger to let more air flow into the toilet compartment 

The new toilet compartment ready for the construction of the new toilet and shower and airing space to be fitted 

The only job to do first is to glass up the old window space as this is no longer needed 

The same job to be done on the starboard side which is going to be tool and spares locker and work bench 

The forecabin now ready to have the rest of the work done to it, glassing in the crash bulkhead and chain locker

The main cabin portside to have a water tank made to fit the space which will then have a bunk front and top to cover it 

The starboard side to have the galley area 

Under the cockpit sole there is going to be one of the two water tank fitted on a new shelf the other water tank to be fitted in the aft locker

The opening for the new small toilet compartment hatch 

The hatch is in need of a small plinth as to deck as more than a little curve to aloud  for it to fit on the deck