Friday, 25 March 2016

Fitting the inspection hatches into the grey and black tanks and sorting out the position on the inlet and discharge tank fittings and the tank supports.

Setting out the position of the inspection hatches for the grey and black water tanks

First hole cut and ready to fit the inspection hatch 

Setting out the position of the tank supports ready to screw them down into position 

Second hatch fitted and just setting put position of the inlet pipe fittings 

The new battery box/ storage locker and table set out in position, now got to make trims for the corners and make the lid.

Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Making a new battery box/table unit for the lifeboat cabin and making the braces to fix the new tanks down too.

Marking and cutting out the plywood to build the new battery box/storage unit/table 

All the bits cut out and ready to construct the new battery box/ storage unit

The box half built and the lid for the battery box part fitted in place.

/////////////////////part one of the operation done and the first coat of primer put on the box

Bracing blocks made for the new grey and black tanks and primer ready to fit on the boat.

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Fitting the black and grey water tanks in the aft end of the boat and cutting out the old seating area to fit the toilet.

Now that the tanks have arrived it time to fit them into position

Bit of a tight to start off with so some minor adjustment needed

Finally fitted into position and now ready to start fitting the braces for the tanks and do the pipework

Making the cut out for the toilet , just got to make a plinth to fit the toilet on  to get it to the correct height. 

Saturday, 12 March 2016

The new mobile workshop van for serving our clients around the country and aboard wherever they may be, bring our service to their boat.

Thanks to Dad and Mother I have now got a new to me works van to do my mobile boat building, repairs and maintenance services around the country.

Building a new toilet compartment on a old ship's lifeboat as it gets converted to a liveaboard boat

The long fore and aft bulkhead now in position ready to be glassed in position

A fore and aft view of the same bulkhead 

A couple of softwood blocks to hold the bulkhead in position while the fibreglass matting  and resin hardened off

A couple of blocks at the top to do the same job as the lower blocks

The compartment now taking shape and form

The aft bulkhead now fitted into position ready to be glassed into position

A view from the aft side of the bulkhead

Heavy grade stern gear which needs a little TLC and a new floor putting over it to protect it.

Cutting out part of the old seating area to fit the new tanks for the grey / black water systems 

The new floor in position  

A side on view of the aft end of the toilet compartment

The new temporary floor over the services sited under the cabin floor.

Sunday, 6 March 2016

Starting to glass in the toilet bulkheads and converting it from a lifeboat to somewhere to live aboard.

Putting up dust sheet to keep front end of boat from getting dusty from all the grinding that as to be done to glass in the bulkheads

Glassing in the bulkhead to fibreglass tape so as to make a clean and tidy job of the bulkhead fitting.

Both sides of the bulkhead now glassed in position just waiting for it to harden and then get on with the fitting and glassing of the next two parts of the toilet compartment.

Bulkhead now ready for the next stage of construction