Saturday, 17 December 2016

General up date on fitting pout of the Little Mai dinghy


Now ready to be flow coated 

Flow coated and the stern seat in position ready to glass in position

The bow seat glass work now flow coated and ready for the inspection hatch to be fitted and the hardwood strips to be fitted on the top 

Friday, 16 December 2016

Glassing in the keel backing pads then ready for the next stage to be done.

Starting to glass in the backing pads

The whole of the backing pads glass over with two layers of 2 oz CSM 

looking forward to the bow seat / buoyancy tank all we have do now is glass in the stern seat / buoyancy tank. Then fit the centre seat blocks and then lift it out of the mould to fit the inwales and gunwales. 

Saturday, 10 December 2016

Progress update on the Little Mai new build

 Starting  dry fitting the bow seat buoyancy tank   

Then glassing it in position 

Trimming back the edge of the matting while it was still in a semi cured condition  leaving a neat edge.

Setting up the stern seat / locker with a spirit level in both directions athwart ships 

Then fore and aft directions before getting ready to glass it in position.

The second apprentice continuing to shape the handle of his paddle

The second apprentice learning to use hand tools as chisels to shape the shaft of his paddle

Carefully using a paring chisel to continue to shape the shaft of the paddle near to where the blades are going to be glued on to the shaft to continue the next stage of the making of the paddle.

How the shaft of the paddle started 

Now getting closer to the finished shape

Now sanding the the final high spots off the shaft 

As a company we employ disable young people to help them achieve their goals of becoming boat builders as we find they practical talents which would otherwise be lost.

Friday, 9 December 2016

Starting to glass in the transom pad the bilge keel baking pads and the bow eye pad

Starting to glass in the transom pad for the outboard motor and then glass in the aft seat which will be a buoyancy tank as well, also glassing in the starboard bilge keel pad.

Glassing in the bow eye backing pad and then will be able to glass in the bow seat and buoyancy tank.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Making patterns for floor bearers

Making patterns for the bottom of the floor bearers so that a floor can be laid down while working on the inside of the dinghy

A number of patterns made, now just have to line them up in the boat and mark off the tops

Using a piece of plywood to work on in the dinghy at the moment, however soon to be replaced with floor bearers and a temporary floor  

Sunday, 4 December 2016

The second apprentice working on making an paddle

First the apprentice had to mark out the piece of ash he was going to use for the shaft for the paddle

Then cut out the paddle blades 

Once all the pieces with cut they had to be put through the planner thicknesser to get them to the correct size 

The make a start on making the shaft round by using the same method you use to make a round mast from a square piece of wood

Having cut the blades for the paddle leaving on a bit for cramping up which once the glue as set can then be cut to close to correct size to plane and shape the paddle.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Finally getting to the end of cliching the last of the nails in the ribs

Getting to grips with the last few ribs that need cliching up  

 The inside getting a good clear up so it will be ready to fit the floor bearers and then the floorboards 

Just the last few ribs in the bow to finish off, there is an end to this job sometimes.

Starting to fix in the plywood and other backing pads

Fixing in the outboard pad on the inside of the transom so a reasonable size outboard can be fitted

Fitting the backing pad for the bow eye 

Fitting the bilge keel backing pad for the keel bands to be screwed into when they are fitted.

Thursday, 1 December 2016

A quick update on progress on the Mai-Star Class dinghy

Cleaning up the forward end of the dinghy before fitting the last of the ribs in the bow.

The new ribs now made and ready to fit in the bow, when they are done the ribs will all be finished and then a start can be made on the rest of the fitting out.

Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Shaping the outboard inside pad and keel band reinforcements

Making and shaping the internal after of the outboard pad  

Making and shaping the bilge keel reinforcement wooden battens 

Making and shaping the centre keel reinforcement and then holding them down into position  

Monday, 28 November 2016

finally got Little Mai in the workshop and now ready to fit her out.

Finally got the mould with the dinghy in the workshop ready to make a start on fitting her out 

First dry fitting the stern seat before make the transom pad for the outboard and then glass in the seat 

Dry fitting the bow seat, however before  the glass in this bow seat in, there is the  fitting of the bow eye bolt 

Let the fun begin 

Friday, 25 November 2016

Starting to get back to work on Mai-Star II after a long break from been able to work on her

Working on making a new forehatch

Another job to sort out the top of the transom 

Sort out the coamings around the cockpit sides

Make a gas bottle locker to keep the gas bottle from moving round the cockpit while at sea

The varnish work on the inside of the cabin as stood well after been left for a long period of time 

The broken deck beam that needs replacing before the new deck can go back on a job with top priority 

The mast step that needed replacing at the same time as the deck beams

A new rib needed to be made and steamed into place as one of the jobs over the winter

A lot of painting and varnishing to be done over the winter months as well both on the inside and outside.