Friday, 28 December 2018

Plans for the New Year and beyond

The very first project to get finished off after the Christmas break will be the Finesse 21 decks and rubbing strakes and other trims and get her back to her owners and then back to her home morrings 

Then get "Jasmine" the Halcyon dinghy finished off , the last few jobs on her are to refit the thwarts and get a few coats of varnish on the hull and paint the bottom then get will be off back to its owner's sailing club so that he can go sailing in the spring.

Then it is this launch to get its stern gear sorted and the propeller refitted correctly and so the launch can be used by its owner for pottering round the local rivers and creeks. 

Then on to the Hardy 25 and get her refit finished so she can get down to the river severn and her new home and her new adventures in the west country. 

Finally we may get time to finish this new dinghy off and get her afloat for the spring and sailing around the local rivers and creeks.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

The finesse already to be sheathed during the holidays

The final sanding and fairing done and now ready to put the matting on to seal the decks

All the outer edges have had a radius put on them so that the matting will go over the edge and lay down on to the top plank and when the rubbing strake is screwed and sealed down will make a seal for the outer edge

When the quadrants are fitted the inner edge will be sealed, so the only holes in the deck this time are going to be the deck fillers for the fuel and water and the genoa tracks, the mainsheet horse and the backstay fittings on the aft deck so cutting down the chance of deck leaks from any through deck fittings.

Wednesday, 19 December 2018

Halfway through the inside reconstruction of the bike trailer

The back bulkhead is now removed and the door from the first bulkhead is now fitted to front bulkhead just got to trim up the edges of the remaining piece of bulkhead.

Now have to make up some fibreglass sheet and reinstall the wheel arch over the nearside wheel.

A small launch with a major bit of work to do to get it back to good working order.

The first job was to dismantle the steering, get rid of the wheel as you can not lift the engine box lid high enough to get to the engine stern gear coupling with it being removed  

A Vetus stern gear set up, a little over engineered for such a small boat

A compact setup, a good idea when you need to work on it for maintenance 

The problem end which caused the problem we have to overcome now, 

Well build engine box that doubled as a table.

The decks are all but one piece left to do on the aft deck and the edges have to be planned and radius then the patterns made for the sheathing material

The deck now getting the joints and screw holes filled and when cured will be sanded flat ready for pattern making for the sheathing material.

All the deck will be cleaned down so that the epoxy resin will go on to the deck and seal the surface when the matting is applied to the resin on the deck.

The piece of deck to be glued down and when fitted the whole of the deck will be ready to sheath.

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

All change down at the Boatyard today

Some boats out of the workshop and other boats going in for the christmas break so some small jobs can be done on them over the next couple of weeks

The Enterprise as returned to the workshop for a few small jobs as well, so it can be made ready for the spring sailing/racing season.

Not a boat, however, we at J-Star Marine Services are called to a number of different projects and called to do some major Fibreglass repairs to Trailers, this includes rebuilding the fibreglass front of this trailer

Once is repaired the inside as to be remodelled to turn it into a motor bike trailer/mobile garage for taking to race meetings around the country.

Monday, 17 December 2018

The halcyon dinghy Jasmine now as its ribs fitted and primed and is ready to turn over to finish off the outside work on the keel

The two ribs now fitted and nailed into position 


The inside just as to have its mast support refitted and the thwarts put back in position 

The keel bands now fitted and the dinghy is ready to get turned over back on to its keel and the inside work can be finished off.

Second layer epoxied down and the aft deck just to fit the knees

The second layer of plywood deck now  screwed and epoxied down and ready to trim ofthe f the edge when the glue is cured overnight.  

Now it needs to have screw holes filled and faired and the deck panels sanded so it will be ready for gluing the matting over the deck to seal the deck surface.

Once the deck is trimmed and the radius is routed on the outer edge the sheathing will be put on. 
Just the aft deck repairs to finish and get the  aft deck panel glued and fixed down to complete the deck work.

The transom knees now fitted and just the middle beam to fit and then the deck panel can get glued and screwed down and then the final piuece of plywood deck can be made and glued down.

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

The fore deck panel temporarily fixed down and the next panels being marked off and laying on the side deck to be finally fitted into position

The fore deck panel temp fixed in position  

The first of the side deck panels cut to shape 

Marking off the pattern to make the next panel  

Ongoing transom repairs and laying the second layer of plywood

The repair on the transom now being sanded back to the rest of the transom, although there is a colour difference this will soon change once the sun gets on the varnish. 

The knees are now made and just need to be have their angles put on the face which fit the transom and gunwale 

The new aft deck beam also made and ready to fit 

The fore deck panel now fitted and just needs screwing down and gluing in place

The next panel getting marked out on the next sheet of plywood

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

The first layer now sanded down and ready for second layer and the transom repairs and the new transom knees

The first layer now sanded down and ready to pattern up for the second layer to be made and fitted  

The transom knees cut out and now getting cleaned up and the angles planned on them so they fit the transom and the gunwales  

The transom repair coming on well and when the glue is cured the deck beam can be made to fit  and the transom trim can be made the the aft deck secondary beams will be fitted to strengthen the aft deck.