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Monday, 17 September 2018

The change of colour from grey to white as began

The before photo of the Finesse 24 with its grey primer 

Now it is starting to turn to white with the first of three coats undercoat, then it will get its top coats of Med White gloss.

Sunday, 16 September 2018

Finally finished fixing the plank in position and now its time to make some wedges and fix the bilge stringer

Now that the plank is now fixed in position with its nails and roves it is time to make the wedges to go under the ribs where the nails come through the planks.

This photo is to show how many nails are holding this plank in position 

Starting to get the plank back in the bottom of the yacht 

Having removed the plank it was time to clean up the edges and make a pattern from the old plank 

Before I started to get to grips with the stringer and plank

Friday, 14 September 2018

New cockpit sole bearers on the port side made up

Setting out the old cockpit sole bearers ready to piece together the jigsaw puzzle 

Making the first of the cockpit sole bearers and have been able to use one of the original bearers as it is good condition and able to be reused  

Dry fitting them together so it can be dismantled it need be once it is in the cockpit for final adjustments 

Already to put in the cockpit to fit in position and make any final adjustments. 

Thursday, 13 September 2018

The cockpit rebuilding is underway and then the cabin roof and cabin side repairs

The forward bulkhead will be sorted with new wood being put in place to fix the sole bearers to be fixed too.

The old aft cockpit sole bearer being used as a datum marker to be able to reference the rest of the cockpit sole bearers  

Part of the old aft bulkhead, using this a reference marker as well 

All the pieces of wood planned up to the correct size to make into the new cockpit sole bearers

The first piece back in position and now the jigsaw puzzle can start to go back together 

Wednesday, 12 September 2018

The new batch of marine plywood and the second layer of plywood is going down on the fore cabin roof/deck

The new replacement marine plywood arrived this lunchtime so we can get on with doing the rest of the main cabin roof/deck after the deck beams are made and the cabin side is repaired where the top edge is rotten

The first part of the fore cabin roof/deck is now glued down in position and making the larger part fitted to the forward edge and the fore hatch hole is cut out to help glue the edge round the hatch opening is glued down 

Marking out the screw holes for the forward part so it will make it easier when the plywood as the epoxy glue applied to it.

Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Continuing the work on the finesse 24

The transom as now come along from being bare wood to being well on its way, now it as four coats of thinned varnish  

Bare wood 

Two coats of varnish 

Now it has four coats of varnish, just another four to go 
The latest coat was put on by the owner partner 

Finally got a piece of marine plywood that is what it says it is and which is glued together through and through 

While he started to paint out the aft section of the cockpit so the new aft bulkhead can go back in position and start the rebuild of the cockpit floor bearers and cockpit lockers

Another job that is coming along is the second layer of marine plywood for the fore cabin roof/deck 

The new aft section of the fore cabin roof/deck being planned and cut down to the correct size

Monday, 10 September 2018

The first layer of sound marine plywood on the fore cabin roof

The first layer of marine plywood is on the deck beams and glued and screwed down and now has been trimmed with a router and finished off with a plane to square up the edges ready to fit the next layer of marine plywood

Neatly trimmed round the fore hatch opening and after the second layer is fitted the hatch base philth can be made and dry fitted to take the new hatch and the upstands for the edges inside the opening can be made as well

The edges of the plywood have now been cleaned up and are ready to be masked up and the cabin side covered again to keep any glue from going on the newly varnished cabin sides.

Friday, 7 September 2018


Just taken delivery of this marine plywood a couple of weeks ago to do a decking job on a yacht.

It was all stamped up that it was the real deal

So when I cut through the plywood to cut it down to the correct size for the job this is what happened 

Cut a section off the plywood and pulled it apart and this is what I find, areas of little glue and in places no glue at all.  The suppliers have contacted their suppliers and are looking into their stock and are changing their supplier and shipping out a new batch of marine over the weekend. 

Thursday, 6 September 2018

The first layer of marine plywood glued and screwed down in position

First panel fixed with glue and screws and the forward edge cleaned ready to fit the second panel 

The second panel being fitted up against the first panel

The second panel fitted and fixed down with glue and screws and ready to get trimmed back with a trimming router over the next few days, then it will be ready to have the second layer of plywood fitted and once the hatchway is trimmed the plywood can be sheathed.

The front panel for the main cabin getting marked ready for this to be fixed down in the same way as the front panel. Before the next panel can be fitted the repairs to the cabin side and main bulkhead, then then main cabin roof/deck can be finished off.

So the upper re-decking starts

The first fore cabin panel is glued and screwed down and an off cut from the lower deck is the correct size to make the front fore cabin panel.

The main cabin roof forward area is the size of one sheet of plywood so this is a good thing as the only cutting is the length and not the width

The first panel glued and screwed down and now is ready for trimming