Friday, 24 January 2020

The edges of the fibreglass been cut back and the work started in the lazarette and the small foredeck hatch plinth made

now that the correct amount of layers of fibreglass is applied to the bulkheads it is time to trim up the edges of the fibreglass to make a neat edge to the fibreglass

This as been done on both faces of the bulkheads so there is a clear line between the bonding and the bulkhead

work as started in the lazarette locker with the removing of the old fibreglass bonding so that it is easier to work in this small area 

The fuel tank base as been removed to inspect the framework to see if there is any work needed before rebuilding the base  andfitting the fuel tank in position and fitting braces to hold it in position

The small foredeck hatch as now got it's new teak plinth so now the plinth can nowbe shapedto fit the curve of the deck whereit is going to be fitted

The original floor bearer now glued into position  and just needs to be glassed into position and the other floor bearers can be made and fitted then the new floor can be made and the spares locker and the toilet compartment can start to be constructed 

The area round this bulkhead is now clear so it can be fibreglassed on the lazarette side 

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