Monday, 26 February 2018

A good Monday with the Mai-Star Class dinghy

Today was a good day with the dinghy coming off its trailer 

The being turned over to have its aft piece of skeg fitted and the bilge runners fitted 

Checking the plans to take the masurenements for the centreboard slot 

Then cutting the slot in the hog/keel 

Then today putting the dinghy back on its building stocks and fixing it down to the building stocks through the slot while the team gets on with fitting out the inside of the hull with the seat stringers and the double rubbing strakes and then fitting the seats and thwats and the mast step and mast thwart just for starters.

Saturday, 24 February 2018

Marking off the centreboard slot and checking the plans

Marking off the centreboard slot 

Double checking the plans to ensure we get it cutin the correct position

Slot cut in the keel/hog and now just needs the edges cleaning up 

Friday, 23 February 2018

The Mai-Star Class dinghy in the workshop and its fitting out is well underway

The Dinghy brought into the workshop after being outside undercover until there was space the workshop

Next it was time to turn her over to put the bilge runners and skeg on before turning her over to finish doing the final few copper nails along the keel

While its this way up it will be time to cut the keel slot 

The bottom looking more finished off  

Thursday, 22 February 2018

The Hardy Navigator almost finished and will be heading outside to be with the Shetland

The Hardy Navigator almost finished apart from a few jobs and the Enterprise is now in the workshop to get finished off.

The canopy now repair and set up correctly just it will do its job 

The Shetland Family Four now out in the yard waiting for its new owner to pick it up

Spoiling the new plank for the Classic yacht the team are working on, once marked off and fitted the shaft log can be fitted and then the shaft log can be bored out to take the stern tube.

All change in the workshop and out and about

The Mai-Class dinghy and the Enterprise in the workshop to get them finished off and out on the water

The Enterprise just needs a few more control lines and the toe straps fitting and the hull just needs a quick few coats of paint and it will be ready to go sailing again.

Starting to make the patterns for the new planks for the Bottom of  the classic yacht the team are working on at present.

Tuesday, 20 February 2018

finally got the brakes finished off and back together

 The brake adjusters were completely seized and had to be dismanlted to be able to be made serviceable

A lack of maintenace over a lot of years

Even the fixed part on the brake base needed clean up and lightly greased to ensure the parts moved before removing the grease from the unit so that the brake shoes worked correctly

The adjuster back in position and able to move freely

Drum back on after all the hard work on getting the brakes sorted 

Finally the last of the wheels back on and the trailer on ready to do its job of transporting the boat back to the river where the boat is moored during the season

Monday, 19 February 2018

The continuing saga of the trailer brakes that have been neglected

My client bought this trailer as a braked trailer, it does not look like this as seen any maintenance in a long time. 

These brake shoes have no brake material left on the shoes.

It was laying in the bottom of the drum

Completely sized brake adjusters   

Complete strip down and rebuild, 

Sunday, 18 February 2018

Trailer maintenance long over due, a tale of client not looking after his trailer.

Bit of a frustrating morning at work replacing this boat trailer's brake shoes on this client's trailer. When I got down to the removing the drum on the front right hand wheel, there was no brake material on the shoes just brake dust and rust. So it was a matter of stripping down what there was left and cleaning up parts and lightly oiling up the moving parts the needed freeing up to work correctly. Then putting the whole brake system back together. a job that should have take a couple of hours took four hours instead. Happy days not!!!!!!!! One brake drum down just three mopre to go. then the trailer will be road legal again and will brake correctly. It will be time to let the owner know that he should take better care of his trailer in future and not leave it so long before getting sorted. 

Friday, 9 February 2018

Making stern tube spacers to fit in deadwood

Making stern tube spacers so that the extend drill bit will run true through the new shaft log when it is fitted in yacht

Drilling the ends in the spacers, so it is ready to drill the new shaft log with the extended drill bit and the hole saw cutter 

Chisel rack and cutting out the rib notches in the bottom side of the shaft log

Finally got round to making a chisel rack in the workshop at the back of one of the work benches in the workshop 

Getting out my old gent saw to making the clear edges of the rib notches 

One side of the shaft log rib notches also finished

Taking measurements off the old shaft log and marking off on the new shaft log

Having cleared up the old shaft log, now time to take the measurements off the bottom of the old shaft log and transfer the measurements to the new shaft log

Transferring the measurements to the new shaft log 

Now time cut the rib positions out of the new shaft log, so the next time I get on the yacht can start to fit the shaft log to the hog/keel