Tuesday, 22 May 2018

The cockpit side panels as before and now after they have been renew and primed

The old side panels totally shot and no good other than firewood and now with new side panels 

Primed and coated on the back side and primed on the face side

First coat of white undercoat and a few more coats of undercoat and finished off with a good coat of white gloss

Friday, 18 May 2018

Custom moulding being made for a pair of spray rails for a yacht coachroof

Having taken a pattern off the old spray rails it was time to lay up a pair of new ones out of fibreglass

Just a another 25 layers to go to get them up to the same thickness as the old spray rails 

Dismantling the toilet compartment and water system

Now it was time to make a start on dismantling the toilet and removing it from the compartment so can start to make the shower module to go in the front part of the compartment.   

Now with the toilet out of the way it is better to see how 
best to make the module to fit in the base of the compartment

Now even the galley sink comes out to get access to the water system pipe work 

Even removed the boxes put over the old pipes to hide them away

These pipes were once clear pipes, now they have turned black and have bacteria growing on the inside of the pipes  

Not a pretty sight and one to cause a few upset stomachs  

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

The 1930's classic yacht new garboards and stern tube log now ready to fit

The under side of the stern tube log now cut out ready to fit in the yacht and just needs priming 

The garboards and the stern tube log now primed and ready to fit in the yacht

The hardy 25 rubbing strakes now

The old rotten rubbing strake now removed so it is now ready to fit the new hardwood rubbing strakes

The new rubbing strakes now ready to fit to the Hardy 25 in the Yard

A number of jobs getting underway of the 18ft fishing dory

The hole is now re-laminated and now is being filled and faired before starting to lay on the high build primer over the repair

First coat of high build primer and the areas that need more filling 

The front of the engine bay now removed as it was rotten 

A job that is going to need a lot of patience getting a  
starter motor out of a small area.

The new engine box front and side ready primed and when the rest is sorted these will be fitted n position.

Now the finished repair on the outside of the hull, just got to flowcoat the inside and the job will be finished off. The turn my attention to refitting the inside of the boat with new side panels for the cockpit sides and sorting out the engine starter motor and then get it up and running again and back on the water.

Saturday, 12 May 2018

Hardy 25 rope fender refitted singlehandedly, it is easy when you know how to do it.

Although the firsat two photos are of one Hardy 25 the rest are of the one I refitted the other day by myself.  It took me 2 hours to fit on the boat, it did take me about an hour when I did it 30+years ago, so I am a bit slower these days  

Rope fender off the boat and now it is time to refit the new rope fender to the boat 

There it is, the new Rope Fender on the boat the same way it was fitted in the Hardy Marine yard 31 years ago

As when it was fitted originally you can not see the lacing eyes or the lacings that hold it in position 

Thursday, 10 May 2018

The ongoing refit of Festina Lente

The rope fender in place  

Now on the ground  

The boat is in good condition behind the rope fender 

That is apart from areas where the wooden supporting rail as rotted and broken under the rope fender 

Here is the piece of hardwood that I have put aside for just this sort of job and this job is normal given the boat's age after 30 + years it is going to need replacing. 

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Major refit of a 18ft dory fishing boat

A small repair caused by a forklift fork while in another yard, not a boatyard 

Grinding back the inside of the repair to get ready to re-gelcoat and and build up the matting back to the original spec

The engine in need of a good overhauling before getting it up and running up again before it goes back to its owner, so he can go fishing 

A bit of TLC needed in the cockpit and the cabin 

A rebuilding of the engine box is also needed as it as seen better days 

Starting to do the gelcoat repair by fitting a piece of waxed Formica on the outside and gelcoat the inside of the Formica before putting matting over the gelcoat back up to the original specification.