Friday, 29 April 2016

The battery box/storage locker is in position and the new fuel tank is getting ready to be boxed in and the first of the fresh water pipes are going in position

The new battery box/storage locker is finally on the boat and is getting fixed down into position so the engine wiring and the other electrics can start to be sorted out and fitted into the our positions 

The new fuel tank starting to get fitted into position and covered with plywood and made into a extra seating area once it is covered.

The first of the fresh water pipes clipped into position before the new galley area is made and fitted into position

Monday, 25 April 2016

Cleaning out fuel pump and refitting engine filter and emptying fuel tank and inspecting the inside

After taking off the top of the lift pump the same contaminated fuel was present in this part of the fuel system and shows that this as been a problem for quite a while not just over night.

The filter element of the pump was blocked as well 

Starting to clear out the fuel lift pump body to get rid of the contaminated fuel before rebuilding the lift pump 

Lift pump cleared as well as the filter element of the lift pump now ready to have the top refitted and the lift pump tested 

The lift pump re-build and the new fuel filter element fitted, now ready to have the new fuel pipes fitted 

The condition of the inside of the fuel tank, which as been condemned as it is not economic to try and clean if it was possible to clear at all.

A tale of neglect of the fuel system which as caused a major overhaul of the fuel system both on the engine and the fuel system in general. 

Friday, 22 April 2016

Having to replace the whole of the fuel line system from the tank to the engine

The old ship's lifeboat system that was served it well for its job in an emergency. However, it was never to be used day in day out. This system was never designed to be used that way. 

the system was crude and not up to standard in a modern boat.

The pipe runs are especially crude and the feed pipe comes off the bottom of the tank and know filter at the tank end as a first line of defence against dirt getting to the engine filter system.  

The end result of the lack of proper filter system is this contamination in the filter on the engine. 

The diesel in the container is black as is the filter body, so the first job next week is to drain the fuel tank and get it clear, then renew the pipe work and put an extra filter in line so that the engine as a better chance of not coming to the same result again. 

The engine and fuel tank maintenance as not been done by the owner so he is learning the hard way that this has to be done at regular intervals  to maintain his engine and keep it going. 

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Finally got the grey and black water tanks finished and ready to fit to the toilet and sinks

The final part of the jigsaw puzzle now in place.

now that the final part of the jigsaw puzzle is in place the rest of the toilet compartment and galley area can go in position and the plumping can get started. 

While this is going on the doors and hatches and the engine wiring can get sorted and our time on the boat will be coming to an end and the owner can do his finishing touches to the boat to make it his own.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Fitting the aft end bed panels over the tanks and fitting the freshwater tank filler and pipe work

The panels are now fitted in position and are ready to get screwed down after the inspection hatches are cut and made so that the tank fittings can be inspected from time to time.

Just got to fit the vents for the tanks and the anti smell filter.

Forward freshwater filler fitted, now ready tofit the rest of the pipe work to the tank

the pipework fitted and holes cut in the beams to keep it safe from damage

Now just got to fit the filler end of the pipe and vent to complete this first stage of the job and then get on with the pipes to the pump and on to the sinks,

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

A new General purpose dinghy added to our range of boats we build and mould

The new dinghy to add to our range of small and medium size dinghies 

This dinghy is going to be called the Mai GP dinghy and will be finished in a number of different wood trims and to be either rowing or outboard driven.

At 8 ft it is the right size for many small to medium yacht or motorboat as a tender as well as a good size for doing a little bit of pottering around. 

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Fitting the bow freshwater tank and forward seating area and making lockers either side of the tank.

The job was to decide the position of the water tank and then sort out the supports to go under the tank 

Supports screwed down into position and the webbing straps to hold the tank in position where the framework was being built around the tank

First part of the framework screwed in position  

Setting out the plywood to make the base for the seating area 

first part fitted into position just leaving the ends to lead the filler pipe through before fitting the last piece of plywood to finish the top off at the end

The two pieces now fitted and now ready for the front panel 

Front panel made up and fitted and then just the rail along the front to stop the cushions from coming off the top of the seating area. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Fitting the bow fresh water tank and fitting the framework over the aft end grey and black water tanks.

Start to cut out the holes for the filler and vent and fresh water feed  pipes to the sinks 

All the tank fittings now fitted to the tank and now ready to fit it into position in the bow of the boat.

Temporary in position, just have to fit the support blocks underneath the tank the straps to hold it down in position before building a frame work over the top to fit the forward seating area.

Setting out the frame work ready to fit into position  

The first two parts of the frame work now fitted into position and the middle support fitted at the back.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Glassing in toilet bulkhead and other glassing jobs for the old ship;s lifeboat

Glassing in the aft side of the toilet bulkhead and cutting the holes for the toilet and sink discharge pipes so they can run from the toilet and sinks into the grey and black water tanks.

Continuing the glassing up to the top of the bulkhead, once this is done then fit the top to the compartment and glass this in as well.

Making a start on glassing the inside of the battery box/storage locker, just three sides and the bottom to do.

The grey and black water tanks fitted and the pipework starting to be fitted.

The tanks are now fitted and are ready to have the pipework fitted to the deck fittings and to the toilet and sinks.

First of the discharge pipes to be fitted just a few more lengths of pipes to go

That is two down, just a few more to go

 Pipes everywhere, just go to remember which goes where.

Now it is the turn of the vent pipes and getting the vents fitted and the anti mess filter fitted.