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Saturday, 19 January 2019

A few more jobs to get on with this coming week and should be ready to go back to its owner's mooring

Now that a few of thew deck fittings are back in position in is time to put the rest back on

The hatches have to have a coat of deck paint then that they have been coated with epoxy primer 

The same with the vents on the roof

The spacers for the Genoa tracks have been primed and just need coating with deck paint before these go on and the Genoa tracks will be better than before as the water will not collect on the high side of the tracks

The two hatches now epoxy primed and ready for their coat of blue deck paint

The fore deck just needs to be finished off with the trims round the Samson post and the cabin sides and then the bowsprit can be refitted.

Sorting out the position of the Stanchion bases ready to bolt them back on the deck

Finally the pushpit need bolting down as two of its fixings are the backstay anchoring points 

The Finesse 21 is now in its final stages of its refit

The owner came over in the last few days and as painted the new deck and will be soon be putting back the deck fittings and the Team at J-Star Marine Services will be refitting the new gunwales and deck to cabin side trims and then it will be ready to go back to its owner's mooring.

Keeping the yard tidy and hazard free as much as a boatyard can be

One of the first jobs apprentices have to learn as part of their new skills is to keep their working area tidy and clean so that they are safe and they can work in a clean working space. 

The boats that are ready to go back to their owner are neatly parked in the yard to ensure they are safe and secure and are ready to be trailed away by the owner's car of other vehicle when they come to pick up their boat.  

The old yacht will be coming in the workshop in the spring for a full on refit and got ready for the summer sailing season.

Other projects other than boats

GRP Trailer repairs and rebuilding 

This trailer wind shield for a box trailer came to get reconstructed as it was involve in an accident, so the owner ask if we could put it back together again, so we were put to the challenge to rebuild the trailer front and we are well on our way to getting put back together   

The first job is to stitch together the spilt parts and then glass over the whole area to give it strength back before tackling the outside face of the panel which will need profiling back to its original shape. 

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

The deck as now been primed around the edges where the rubbing strakes and trims are going to be fitted

Re-masked up the cabin sides and down the hull to stop any paint from going where it should not be and also to protect the areas that have been varnished and painted from any sealant getting on areas it should not be going.

One the deck is all coated with epoxy primer then all the fitting can go back on and the yacht will soon be ready to leave the workshop. 

Now it is a matter of getting the trims sorted and fixed back in place and then the owner can varnish the trims and the rubbing strakes 

Switch around Wednesday

Today was switch around Wednesday with a number of boats going out of the workshop and getting ready for thier final jobs before returning to their owners.
The one below is Jasmine which has just its thwarts to go in and then get transported to for owner's sailing club.

This boat has just got to have its engine serviced and run up ready to go back to its owner's mooring  

The yard outside the workshop is now clear of any rubbish and is able to be used to have boats worked on in the yard when not needed to be in the workshop under cover.

The trailer front is now in the workshop so it can be worked on in the dry and have the GRP repairs done on it and the refitted to the rest of the trailer and then the rest of the trailer can be finished off and used as a motor bike trailer.

If was now enough, got an outboard engine in for work on its rope starting cord which has broken and is in need of replacement.

Monday, 14 January 2019

A good Monday's work with the whole team working as one.

The main job on the Motor Launch today was to get the cutlass bearing back in the stern tube and refit the propeller shaft and propeller and then refit the rudder. This was achieved as was marking out the new boottop  line on the boat ready for it to be painted once it is back in the workshop.

One of the less peasant jobs on this motor launch removing the fuel tank and getting the soiled diesel out of the tank and then finding foreign particles in the bottom.   

Jasmine the Halcyon dinghy turned over for the last time to get its bottom antifouled before turning it back over and putting on its trailer ready for its thwarts and few minor jobs on the inside to do before going back to its owner's sailing club.

The Finesse 21 getting its second coat of epoxy before the deck epoxy primer is put on the deck so that the rubbing strakes and deck to cabin side trims can be fitted 

The rubbing strakes being shaped and sanded ready to fit on the boat.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

A Full restoration on a Cornish Crabber

This Cornish crabber is in the Yard for a total rebuild and restoration back to sailing condition 

One of the first jobs will be to make a temporary Shed to go over it while the work is done on the outside of the hull and the grinding off of the old bulkhead positions after they are all measured up and photograph to use when rebuilding the bulkheads and deck beams other fixtures and fittings in the boat.

One of the early jobs will be to remove the mast and put it in the workshop and hang it up in the roof space to keep it out of the way and also to dry it out before getting on with sanding the mast down and re-varnishing the mast later down the line.

One of the main jobs over the next few days is to take measurements of all the bulkhead positions  from a datum position and use this to make a plan to re-fix the bulkheads back in after the inside of the hull is cleaned of all the old matting that was leftover from when the old bulkheads were removed. 

All the positions of outside fixings and rubbing strakes and chain plates and portholes to be photographed so they will be refitted in the same position as they were removed.

Even the skeg shoe will need renewing as this is missing and a replacement will have to be sourced from the builders of the boat.

So there is a lot of grinding and photographing to be done over the next few weeks while we get ready to put her in the workshop and get on with her rebuild.

This is one job that is going to be interesting to do, To reinstall the centreboard case back in the boat after a previous owner decided to remove it and toyed with the idea of making the yacht have a fixed keel. However, the new owner wishes to have it put back in and put the boat back the way it was originally build

Sunday, 6 January 2019

A fullon week coming up and a plans for the future as we build on last years work.

This coming week will be the first full length week for the Apprentices and myself, There is a lot to do this week and get done by Friday. The Finesse 21 should have its deck all finished and the deck fittings ready to go on and then the boat can go back to its home marina and back out sailing in the spring and when the day get longer and warmer. Also this week will see the finishing off of the Halcyon Dinghy Jasmine and its return to its sailing club, so that its owner can go sailing on the sailing club lake down at Forest Green in Herefordshire in the spring as well. Once these are done and gone back to their home bases. It will be time to make a start on the Hardy 25 and the Cornish Crabber and get their refits underway out in the yard. While in the workshop there will be MG 30 refit and the motor launch refit and the Bike Trailer rebuild to get underway as well. While this is going on there will be the refit to do on Mai-Star II to get worked on between the other jobs in the yard. If this was not enough we will try to fit in a couple of new dinghy builds as well. So there is a lot to get on with over the next few months. This way the apprentices will be gaining a lot of new skills to build on their new skills they have learned over the past three months since they have started their apprenticeships.

Friday, 4 January 2019

Busy end to the first week into the New Year

The ongoing servicing of the motor launch engine as brought a common problem with boat engines that have not been winterized when not used for a long time.

The diesel goes cloudy due to moisture in the fuel tank because it was not filled up to prevent moisture building up in the fuel tank. The next job is to remove the fuel from the fuel tank and remove the tank from the boat and flush it out. Then flush the fuel lines through to remove any dirty fuel from the system.

The decks are now completely covered in sheathing and just needs a light keying up and the second coat of epoxy to seal the deck sheathing before protecting the interprotect primer

The gunwales arew now glued up to to make up the total length of the boat plus a small amount