Monday, 17 July 2017

Jasmine gone to the riggers and the Enterprise and 8ft dinghy in the workshop

The enterprise is in the workshop and the fitting out of the inside is coming along a pace

The 8ft dinghy getting is final coats of white undercoat and gloss before getting turned over and getting the inside finished off and put up for sale

An empty space where Jasmine was in the yard, now it is at the riggers getting new standing and running rigging so it can go sailing once more after a lot of years on thew owner drive and not on the water where it belongs.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Starting to put the fittings back on the Enterprise

At the start of the day she looked like this
Then I started to fix in the inflatable buoyancy bags  
Then it was time to get round to putting on the jib fairleads, rudder fittings

Next week I will be getting the rest of the fittings on and then get it rigged and back afloat for a sail next weekend weather permitting  

Thursday, 13 July 2017

Some boats finished and others in their final few jobs

Jasmine outside the workshop and under a cover awaiting a time slot to take it to the riggers to be rigged
The Enterprise having its final coat of varnish on the decks
Looking good in the sun, now starts the refitting of the inside and the remain ing deck fittings
It will be good when the Enterprise is finished and I am back on the water with her
Another little project coming to a end with a fresh coat of paint on the outside and the inside and then varnishing the hardwood trims

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

finally finished my part of the refit and now time to go off to the riggers

Just finished off the final bits on the Jasmine

The owner doing his part with the final bits of painting and varnishing

Making a boom and gaff support and also a support for transporting the mast when being moved by road and to be used as a support to put the boom on to support the cover over the cockpit area when out camping on the boat over night.

Monday, 10 July 2017

The finishing touches to Jasmine and the finishing off of the 8ft Dinghy wood trim

Jasmine now as her quadrant trim fited to her coamings and the final piece of trim fitted across the top of the transom. 
Now it is time for the owner to finish off the painting and varnishing and get the rigging made, so he can go for a trail sail.

The 8ft dinghy as now got all its knees fitted and the final piece of gunwale trim fitted and is now ready to get turned over to do the gelcoat repairs

Once the gelcoat repairs are completed then the hull will get a fresh coat of paint.

Before it is turned over the keel pieces will be glassed in position to strengthen the keel area and have something for the keel bands to fix into when they are refitted to the under side of the hull.

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Just a few finishing touches to do

Today we finally started do the finishing touches to Jasmine to get her to return her to her owner 
The job now is to get her ready to go to the riggers to have rigging sorted out.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Refitting the deck fittings and putting the boat back on its trailer

Jasmine back on her trailer and with most of her deck fittings back in position

The first of the deck fittings going back on the deck

The fairleads for the jib sheets and the aft deck fairleads back in position

The rowlock blocks fixed back on the deck and coamings

The foredeck fittings all now refitted

The dinghy all ready to go outside to have the rubbing strakes fitted.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Fitting the new cockpit coamings

Having removed the old plywood cockpit coamings, it was time to refit them with new mahogany coamings, as were fitted originally and that look far better 

Clamping the first of the new coamings into position 

Looking good and bending into position well with the aid of a few clamps, just having to mark the end to fit into position 

Finally in position and ready to screw in position

The new cockpit coamings now being fitted and the deck fittings being set out on the deck

The coamings being fitted all round and setting the whole job off well 

The foredeck fittings being set out so they can be refitted later

The apprentice sanding a round on to the top edge of the coamings to finish off the coamings and getting rid of the sharp edge

Just needs a few coats of varnish to set it off and then fit the quadrant round the base of the coamings to finish it off.

Just the forward end to finish off and refit the mast support

Sunday, 2 July 2017

A busy week ahead down at the boatyard and on other projects

This week is going to busy getting the fittings back on Jasmine and sourcing ones that are missing which there is bound to be after such a long time since this boat was dismantled and parts were put away in storage. So it is going to be doing a jigsaw puzzle without the picture of how it goes together.  However, there a few pointers to show where many of fittings go. The rest will be down to experience where many of the fittings would have gone on other boats I have worked on in the past.

Other jobs that are going towards the end of their time with us are the Hardy Navigator which just needs a few items to finish it off and that can go back to its owner and he can go off fishing.

The 8ft dinghy will have its trim finished off this week and then it will be made ready for its hull to be re-painted after the gelcoat repairs are completed and getting the oars finished off and have the wear areas re-leathered  and the blades have them re-strap with copper.

Also this week there are a number of trailer repairs to be carried out and brakes to be sorted so we can transport the boats back to their owners. So all in all a busy week ahead for the team at J-Star Boat Services.