Thursday, 30 May 2019

The new rope fender on single highhandedly as it was when they were put on in Hardy Marine

The first thing you have o do is run lengths of 4 mm light line to 2 ft lengths and put them through the lacing eyes on the hull 

Then put them through the centre of the rope fender and tie them off 

The tension up the rope fender around the transom 

Then tie off the ends with more light line and the job is finished apart of cutting off the ends of the lines and sealing them off

Wednesday, 29 May 2019

One of the reasons for the windows leaking and the new perspex windows and rubber surrounds being fitted.

The windows and rubber surrounds that were removed leaked was because they were only sealed along the top edge. As seen in the first three photos. This is not the way they came out of Hardy Marine as the colour of the sealant is wrong, as it was black sealant that was put in the windows.

The last three windows fitted and now needs the sealant and insert fitted to finish the job off and ensure the windows are sealed.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

The fiddle rails in position and so the engine control is now fixed back in position and the last of fixture fitted to the wheelhouse roof

Now that the teak fiddle rails are fixed back on the shelves the engine control can be fixed back into position 

Now that the deck glands have arrived the wind speed and direction head unit can be wired up and the cable can be run from the roof to the steering consul

The neat deck gland finishes the job off well  

Now that the aft navigation base as been modified it just needs to be wired up and the navigation light fitted. 

The aft cockpit panelling now in place and the start of the rebuilding of the complete cockpit refurbishment

The aft cockpit panelling now in position and the rest of the cockpit refurbishment can get underway

Looks better nowthe wholeof the cockpit wood work ins made out of the same teak faced plywood

Tuesday, 21 May 2019

The Cockpit panelling now had its base coats of varnish and the new windows have arrived ready to go back in the boat

The cockjpit locker panels have now been varnished  and are ready to have their satin coats of varnish before they go back in position 

It is amazing how a few coats of varnish can transform the finish on the teak faced panels and how they will bring the cockpit to life

The windows have arrived and are just going to get the covering removed from round the edges where they sit in the rudder trim and get sealed in with new sealant

Monday, 20 May 2019

The cockpit aft panelling being made and dry fitted before getting edged trimmed and varnished to match the rest of the new teak panelling in the cokpit

The new side and aft panelling being made and fitted to enclose the aft end of the cockpit,  

The aft panelling is made into lockers while the side panelling covers the blocks and fixings for the aft cleats which are fitted to the cockpit sides

The locker doors in position and just needing edge trimming and the hinges fitted to the fold down doors which are the aft cockpit lockers 

Saturday, 18 May 2019

Getting more of the creature comforts to have when cruising with Children

The first of the creature comforts to have when cruising with young children who wish to watch TV or play a video game.

Always needed when cruising a place to cook dinner or a light snack 

Looking more homely just got to get the solar panel fitted on the cabin roof and the head lining panels can go back up and it will begetting there

The tables and steps and carpet now back in position to check all as as it should be

The fore cabin infill to make the front berths into a double berth and also so it can be used as a cockpit table as well

The main cabin table now with a fresh coat of varnish to  make it look like the rest of the newly varnished wood work in the cabin 

The cabin step back in position

The floor carpet relaid in the cabin to show the new blue hull and berth carpets and make it look like it should be all blue carpeted  

Hardy 25 refit coming along and lots of Varnishing still to do

The cockpit boards get set out ready to make a new set to match the rest of the cockpit panelling 

The forward end of the cabin now finished off apart from putting back the cushions and back rests on the shelves 

The two cockpit locker panels now all varnished ready for their final coat of satin varnish to go on in the last week before it goes back to its owner

The cockpit bulkheads have been rubbed down and given several coats of varnish to bring them back to life as best as they can be and they have come up well 

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Hardy 25 Cabin coming back to life with the major parts of the interior going back into position

The first of the shelves going back into position 

The bunk Tops back in position now it just needs the cushions to finish this part off 

Apart from putting thestarboard board back in position after the locker is painted out the only bit missing is the cushions for the front berths 

A fresh coat of paint in the rest of the lockers to finish off the inside of the lockers