Friday, 28 September 2018

From no deck beams to first layer of marine plywood deck

After making good the cabin side where it was rotten 

The first of the deck beams was being fitted 

Then the two fore and aft hatchway beams 

Then it was time to fit the short half beams before setting out the area to be covered

The first layer of plywood glued and screwed down in position, now just letting the glue cure off and then router the edges before setting up to put the second layer of plywood on the first layer. Once this is done the outer edges will have a  radius put on the edges and the decks will be sheathed with epoxy and matting

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

The main cabin deck beams going in and now the short secondary beams are going in position

Cutting the joints on both ends of the first fore and aft hatchway beam

Both the hatchway beams in position and now it is the turn of the first of the short beams to be cut and fitted in position

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

Shaping the deck beam and putting in position and starting to fit secondary beams

Having cut the deck beam to its rough shape it was time to make the final shaping of the beam before fitting in position 

Dry ing the beam in position to make any final adjustment to the ends before gluing and screwing in position

Finally in position and ready to start fitting the secondary beams  

The first beam to fit is the one of a pair which the sliding hatch the runners are fixed to and are important to get in the correct position as all the other measurements come off these pair of beams 

Put the old beam in position to ensure they are in the correct position 

Bracing the main beam while cutting the joint for the beam to seat in and then fix it is position 

Monday, 24 September 2018

Making the brown paper patterns for the deck sheathing material

The best way of making deck sheathing pieces is to make them out of brown paper as it lays on the deck in much the same way as the material.

Now that the patterns are made it is just a matter of taking the patterns and laying them out on the sheathing material and cutting round and then applying the resin to the deck and then putting the matting on the resin and then applying more resin until the matting is fully covered   

The patterns for one side of the yacht should be able to be used for the other side with a small amount of adjustment in a few places.

Fitting and gluing the beam shelf in position and shaping it to the same angle as the rest of the roof/deck

Having repaired the cabin side it was time to shape and glue the beam shelf to inside face of the cabin side  

Having glued and screwed the beam shelf in position  and the glue cured off it was time to shape the top of the cabin side and beam shelf to the rest of the cabin 

Finally finished the top of the beam shelf and cabin side 

It is time to make the deck beam and once shaped and the ends cut to fit the beam shelf it will be time to fit the other smaller beams and then the plywood top for the cabin roof/deck and once done sheath the deck

Marking out the roof beam for the main cabin roof

Using the old roof/ deck beam as a pattern 

Marked it off on the plank of hardwood, it shows how much curve there is in the beam camber 

Cut out of the plank of hardwood and now ready to cut near to the scribe marks and so it can be plane to the correct shape ready to plane down to thickness and fit in position on the repaired cabin side

Sunday, 23 September 2018

Remaking the top of the cabin side

The first job in the reconstruction of the cabin roof is the cutting out of the rotten top section of the cabin side. This was done by use of a sonic saw and a batten fixed to the cabin side at the bottom edge of the rot and cut along the top edge of the batten cutting a straight line along from aft to forward. 

Having cut the rotten area out, patterned up a new piece of mahogany to fit in the space and clamped it down into position  

It also needed clamping side wards as well as the cabin side has a 9 mm bend in it from forward to aft, Once it was drilled and glued and screwed into position then it was time to sort out the rest of the parts that make up the cabin side and roof.

The cabin roof beams that are in bits and a small jigsaw puzzle which will have to be remade to finish off the deck beams and so the plywood can be laid over the new deck beams once they are made and fitted 

The deck beams set out on the new bit of mahogany ready to be cut on Monday morning and when planed up fixed in position and when the other deck beams are made the plywood can be laid over the beams 

Saturday, 22 September 2018

The supports for floor bearers are in position and now the whole of the cockpit feels safe once more

Now the supports for the floor sole bears are in position the whole of the cockpit floor feels all together safer and the working height for doing the cabin roof repairs is at a height that can be worked at safely.   

Now just got to screw the temporary panels in position and will be able to get on with the repairs to the cabin roof beams  

The final coats of undercoat and other paint jobs well underway

The last but one coat of varnish on the transom, which with every coat is looking more beautiful 

The hull now as had its final coat of undercoat and the bottom as had its final coat of underwater primer  

The keel as had a coat of Epoxy VC Tar primer to give protect to the keel.

Work coming along steady towards the yacht going back to its owners

The cabin sides starting to be masked up ready for the sheathing of the deck next week

The cockpit sole bearers coming along well with just the extra supports to go in under the middle bearers