Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A total cockpit overhaul from the stern to the cabin bulkhead

The cabin bulkhead is in the worse condition  
and will need the most work on 

The aft bulkhead is a lot smaller and should not be as larger job as the front, however, smaller areas can cause their problems

One of the first jobs is to remove all the equipment that is the way to gain access to the bulkheads and to the cockpit coamings that have to be removed to be able to remove the old rotten wood. 

One side is already clear of obstructions 

While the other side as yet to be started on
Side on virew

A view looking forward a mess of wiring to be removed and labelled up 

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Taking some photos of the deck job before we make a start and show how much of a job it is going to be

The deck beams are sound as is the carlins and the gunwales 

The deck have quite a curve on them and quite a camber so it should be quite a challenge

Just got to do a good bit of vacuuming up to get rid of months of dust and other mess 

Good bit of cleaning up to be done before the plywood deck is re-laid.

The other yacht we are working on as its first half of the new plank fitted and the area where the chain plate filled and faired as been rubbed down and re-painted back up to the same number of coats of marine primer as the surrounding area 

Now the yacht as been primed above the waterline the bottom half can get done and and the repairs to the bottom can continue. 

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Next project for J-Star Boat Services to get their teeth into for the next few months

A Finesse 24 in need of a total restoration from the keel up 

First job was to harden up a few loose nails in a few ribs in the aft end of the yacht around the engine bed area and the surrounding area

A split plank that needs replacing  

The old ribs with the sister ribs nailed in beside the old ribs by another boat builder before I got on to the job

A total cockpit rebuild from making new floor bearers 

To cockpit bulkheads and seats and floor boards

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Refitting the rudder back on the yacht and a possible workshop.

The newly rebuild bottom rudder fitting fitted and rudder ready to continue with the painting

The paint line will have to be lowered to be inline with new correct waterline position

Looking better and ready for the next stage of painting the yacht

Possible new premise for J-Star Boat Services

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Refitting the bottom rudder fitting and fitting using a traditional method of fixing rudder fittings to wooden rudders

Making traditional copper fixings to fit rudder fitting to rudder. 

Fitting the first of copper fixings 

Half of the fixing made and ready to fix to the rudder fitting

All of the fixing cliched up and rudder fitting fixed in position and now getting a coat of underwater primer before fixing the rudder back on the yacht

Thursday, 16 February 2017

Fitting the first of the replacement planks and continuing to paint the hull and the rudder

The hole before the hull was painted and cleared up ready to fit the new plank

Starting to fit the new plank and fitting into the hole a planing off a little at a time to ensure it fits correctly in the space between the planks

Fixed in place with a mixture of copper nails and bronze screws 

Finished plank now painted with primer and ready to be caulked with caulking cotton and sealed with linseed oil putty 

The rudder getting its final coats of primer before it goes back on the transom of the yacht. 

Tomorrow job is to fit the planks on the port side

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Fitting the new steel frames and then the water tank on top of the new steel frames

The empty bilge area ready to have the water tank re-instated after the steel frames are fitted 

The steel frames fitted and now ready to fit the water tank over the top of the newly fitted frames

The water tank ready to go back in position 

Friday, 10 February 2017

Marking out and cutting and thicknessing new planks for yacht

Cutting out new iroko top plank, just got to plane down to the marks and then down to thickness 

New mahogany plank planned down and thickness ready to fit in position  

The rudder getting its coats of above and below water primer 

First coat of yacht primer just a lot more coats of paint to go

The first side to get painted down to the original waterline that was scribed on the yacht.

The first side completed and its time to go round to the other side and do the same there

Almost therejust a few more feet to go

All done just got to wait to paint to dry and start again

Good bow spot 

Thursday, 9 February 2017

Sanding down the top plank so fair it into the planking and sanding the paint off the waterline area down to the true waterline

Sanding off the surplus deck covering below the rubbing stake 

This is photo of it all done and getting ready to sand the old paint off the waterline back to bare wood 

The port side just before sanding it down to the correct position 

Now it is done the masking tape is positioned in the correct position 

 Marking out the first of the two planks that replacing as they were either rotten or damaged

The second plank being marked off and then taken to thew workshop to be cut out and planned down to thickness 

Masking off the true waterline as apposed to the three different scribed waterlines this yacht as had in the past  

At least when it goes back in the water the waterline will look that it is the correct position

This shows the difference between the old waterline on it correct line and how over the years it as been risen over three inches