Saturday, 25 February 2017

Taking some photos of the deck job before we make a start and show how much of a job it is going to be

The deck beams are sound as is the carlins and the gunwales 

The deck have quite a curve on them and quite a camber so it should be quite a challenge

Just got to do a good bit of vacuuming up to get rid of months of dust and other mess 

Good bit of cleaning up to be done before the plywood deck is re-laid.

The other yacht we are working on as its first half of the new plank fitted and the area where the chain plate filled and faired as been rubbed down and re-painted back up to the same number of coats of marine primer as the surrounding area 

Now the yacht as been primed above the waterline the bottom half can get done and and the repairs to the bottom can continue. 

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