Saturday, 27 July 2019

The last week was a week of fitting and glassing in new bulkheads around the Morgan Giles 30

Starting to cut to fit the new port side cockpit aft bulkhead between the lazarette locker and the port side cockpit locker 

Glassing in the new starboard cockpit locker bulkhead, as the old bulkhead had rotted away 

Glassing in the first of the main bulkheads, so that is now in position all the other measurements for the new interior can be worked out from this position.

The first bulkhead is the bulkhead you need to set up so that all the rest of the measurements can be worked from to get the  position correct and know how the interior can be set out and what will be able to fit in which area around the interior. 

Thursday, 18 July 2019

Cleaning off the old fibreglass and old bulkheads out of the old lockers in both sides of the cockpit.

Getting rid of the old bulkheads and the fibreglass that fixed the old bulkheads in place so getting ready to put two new bulkheads in the bottom of the cockpit lockers and starting the rebuilding process in the aft end of the yacht

A lot of cutting and grinding out of plywood bulkheads and fibreglass to get the area ready to pattern up the new bulkheads 

The first of the re-decking of the Finesse 24

All the old decking now removed 

Fitting the noggins between the top plank and the gunwale so that the rubbing strake screws have something to screw into apart from the top plank alone.

There are a few top plank repairs to do on both sides 

Also a repair to be made to the area to the starboard side of the area about a foot behind the stem where an old noggin as gone rotten and needs replacing and any work to repair the area around the effected area to stop this from happening again 

Now comes the long job of cleaning up the top plank area where the sheathing was originally laid over the deck and down the top plank/

The cleaning up of the area is going to take sonetime as it is fixed well

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Marking out and dry fitting the first set of main bulkheads in the Morgan Giles 30

Having made the patterns for the two bulkheads for the Morgan Giles 30 it was time to transfer the marks to the sheets of marine plywood 

The n cut out and shape the bulkheads to a close fit of the hull 

Then do the final fitting in the boat once they were fitted into position 

Now time to cut the two bulkheads to sit up against each other and glass them into position 

Once that is done then cut the new doorway in the bulkheads 

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Templating out first bulkhead and shaping the edge to fit the curve of the hull

Using a spare sheet of 6 mm plywood made the general shape of the bulkhead, then transferred he measurements off the hull at several positions and then marked them on to the Marine plywood.

Then having transferred the marks on to the marine plywood put a spline round fixed in position by small nails to give a fair curve 

All marked off and ready to cut out

Then cut out with a jigsaw close to the line the get to finish off with a hand plane 

In the bench vice getting its final trimming 

Lloyd's Register-Marine  Plywood being used through out this refit.

Thursday, 11 July 2019

Finesse 24 deck removal update

The port side deck now all cleared of the old plywood and now ready to clean up and pattern up for new marine plywood deck 

A long the way there was a patch work of pieces fitted in over the years

The side deck forward had two pieces fitted over a short distance. This is the aft jointed area  

This is the forward end just a distance of 14 inches 

That side is now sorted and made ready for patterning up by the apprentices on Monday.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Work coming along on the Hardy 25 down in Bristol

The TV is now installed so that owners children  can watch the TV or watch videos as it is a multi player TV

The toilet / shower compartment coming along with just the needs splash panels for the bulkheads and a shower curtain and the discharge pump for the shower tray.

The cabin lights now all going back up and testing the system to ensure they are all working

Now that the lights are back up the curtain rails are going up 

One of the last jobs on the boat is to plumb up the hot water tank to the rest of the water system so when the engine is running there will be plenty of hot water for a shower.