Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Morgan Giles 30 is now in the workshop a little tight height wise, however she is in and now the major work can begin

Starting her progress into the workshop 

The plastic bin was a guide to the height between the top of the cabin and the door frame height

Halfway in and going to plan

A photo to show how close the cabin top was to the door frame

The yacht in position for its refit 

My two apprentices who without who's help the job would have not been able to be done

Friday, 22 February 2019

Work on the Hardy 25 progressing with the new locker tops being put in and getting fixed in position and the old panelling being replaced to with panels

The first of the cockpit locker tops placed in position and getting ready to be fixed in permanently and hinged to make them be able to be used for storage   

The old panels now removed and being dismantled ready to be used as patterns for the new teak faced panels to be made and fixed in position and then the helmsman seats can be made and fitted 

Over the fuel tank the diesel heater will be moved to a safer position.

The chain plates now have to be exposed and the rest of the old interior is coming out to make a new purpose made interior to go in its place

The chain plates are now just have to have their selves removed so that they can get removed and new chain plates can be made and new chain plates can glassed in place

All this old interior is coming out to make room for a new interior to go in that is going to be purpose made to fit the inside and make it fit for purpose as expedition boat 

The old engine being removed to make room for a larger engine to go in its place to give the boat power for punching through the big seas it may encounter on its new voyages  

The whole of the decks are now clean of the treadmaster non -slip and now starts the big clean up of the deck and repairs to the deck

The decks are now clear of the Treadmaster non-slip and now starts the big clean up of the deck and any repairs to the sub deck before laying a new Treadmaster deck at the end of the refit 

Some areas are smaller than others and a lot of patience needed to get the Treadmaster off the sub deck in tight areas 

Monday, 18 February 2019

A busy day removing fittings off the deck

The mast step now off and ready to make a pattern of it so that a new mast step block can be made when the refit is in its final stages and the other deck work is completed

The upper deck fittings removed and put in the workshop for storage so that new fittings can be sourced to replace these old worn out fittings 

The pulpit now off and the pushpit to come to make a set 

The foredeck in need of a bit of reworking to sort it out 

Chain plates that were put in with too much tension on the backing plates

The chain plates have been tighten up too much and as compress the deck and will have to be removed to inspect the damage to the deck and the sub deck

Some have been tighten down more than other, so there as to been more inspection of deck

Once the windlass was removed and the area of rotten plywood was removed the area shows that the sub deck was still in place, When the yacht comes in the workshop the area will be inspected to see which is going to be the best way to reinstate the upper deck back to how it was originally made

New week and the project yacht refit begins with the dismantling of all the deck fittings and undressing the mast

The mast is now undressed and ready to be put in the roof space of the workshop for the duration of the refit.

The old standing and running rigging ready to be put into storage until it is time for it to go to the rigging shop to be renewed

The rudder loose fibreglass which is going to be removed and re-glass after it is tested to make sure it is dry enough to glass

The heel area which is in need of rebuilding so there is no ingress of water through this area 

The area appears to be intact and will just need sanding back before the whole rudder blade is epoxied as part of the underwater area treatment.

The loose Fibreglass removed to find good material below 

The heel area is in need of more intensive repairs to remove the filler and repair the crack in the rudder around the lower fitting 

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

The project yacht and the task ahead of the team to bring her back to life Part Four

The inside is going to be completed emptied of it woodwork and new design to fit in with the owners plans for the yacht be after its refit

A mess now, however after a good clean up and emptying of all the old woodwork in will be a far better place to work and sail in on the long voyages this yacht is going to go on when the work is completed 

The project yacht and the task ahead of the team to bring her back to life Part Three

The deck fittings on the upper deck are in need of removal as these are past their best as well and in some cases missing of broken

one of the major tasks is to remove the chain plates on this yacht which is a big job as these are glassed into the hull below the decks 

A new mast step will have to be fashioned and made to fit the new sail management system the owner wish to employ on his yacht 

The spray hood rails and the sliding hatch are all going to have new wood trims and a new set of washboards made.

The project yacht and the task ahead of the team to bring her back to life Part Two

The decks are a complete mess and the first job for the Team is to clear the mast off the yacht and put it in the roof space of the workshop and then give the deck a god pressure washing to clean the decks up so the we can see where to start.

The owner as asked for all the deck fittings to be removed and the decks made good 

All the old deck hardware to be renewed with up to date equipment and to be easily maintained when away from anywhere.   

All the deck covering such as Treadmaster is to be removed and new covering to be put down in its place

One of the other jobs to get on with is the cockpit drains as these appear to be blocked and needs sort ASAP