Monday, 29 January 2018

The Shetland Family four now finished off and ready to go up for sale

The day as now come that the Shetland Family 4 is now ready to go out of the Workshop and up for sale

After all the hard work over the past few months, it is now ready to go 

All the the cockpit linings have been replaced and the locker tops have been re-varnished, now just the cockpit cushions need to be placed in position and the cockpit will be complete

The hull and superstructure have been compounded and just need a final coat of polish to keep it clean duing the coming season

The new smoked grey windows set off the clean lines well 

Now it just needs a coat of fresh antifouling and just add water.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Making the new shaft log for Yacht Norma

Marked out the piece of green oak and the chainsawed the piece off the log, now comes the fun bit planning down the piece to the correct size.

The piece I got for the job comes from the centre of the tree so the grain pattern is good and tight.

Marking out the faces of the new log then getting ready to saw the surplus off 

The surplus now removed and the new shaft log turned over ready to mark off rib positions and the curve the bottom to fit the hog. 

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Cockpit final touches and the cabin front window finally back in position

Just finishing off the final cockpit fitting put back in position  with the seat put back in place 

Front window back in place just needs a bead of sealant round the edges to seal the foam tape

Fitting a new bilge pump

Fitting the new outlet skin fitting so it is high enougfh not cause any back flow to the bilge pump 

Clipping up hose to have a down flow to the skin fitting

Neatly in the corner of the stern locker to keep it safe from getting damage

Bilge pump a float swtich fitted nextly in bilge to get rid of as much water as possible from the bottom of well.

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

New Year and new Projects to come to the yard.

After a bit of a delayed start back to work, it is now coming together again. over the coming months there a lot of new projects to get done especailly the restoration of Mai-Star II which as been on the back burner for sometime as other committments.

So while some jobs have moved along, others have had to be put on hold, such the work on the Hardy Navigator and the Mai-Star class dinghy. All of which have been laying around the yard and not been able to be worked on because of different reasons. This should all be behind us and we can get on and get the projects underway again and get the boats out of doors of the workshop and back to their owners or up for sale whichever is the course of action.

The Shetland Family Four is now nearing the end of its refit and should be going up on the market shortly so the get boat can come into the workshop to get sorted. 

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Back to work after the Christmas break. Let's make it a year to remember for all the right reasons.

Now we are back at work, lets make this a year to remember for all the best reasons. Get rid of the dead wood from last year and make a different to the workshop and yard and get the boat in, through and out of the workshop and back to their owners on deadline and budget. Lets get too it.