Friday, 22 February 2013

Removing old spilt planking

Yesterday job was to remove old spilt planking, this was a long job as all the roves which held the planks in place had to be ground off with a small grinder and then knocked out and removed. Then where the screws that held the end of the planks were that did not come out had to have their heads removed. Then the planks were careful removed from the boat.

Once that was done then the lands where the planks sat were cleaned up and any repairs made good.



Thursday, 21 February 2013

Now it is the turn of taking the spilt planking out.

Now that the ribs have been re-newed, it is time to remove the old spilt planking and make new ones. As with all old boats there is an amount of hope that you can get the planking out in one piece, but often that is not the case as it is fragile and breaks as you get it out. Being clinker built it needs a lot of patience and knowing when to put at something and when not too. Also re-newing old planks you have to get into the mindset of the builder and understand how and why he built it the way that he did and re-new the plank the way he put it there in the first place. Today is going to be a long day and one that will test the patience of a saint as I do battle with the planking


Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Monday, 18 February 2013

The on going project of the restoration dinghy.

The project is now going along with the rest of the broken ribs removed and the hull cleaned up where the old ribs were. Now it just needs a coat of varnish where the old ribs were and then it will be time to fit the new ribs in place.
 A photo of the inside looking aft showing all the broken ribs now removed.
A photo showing all the broken ribs removed from the forward end of the boat.
 This is a photo of the boats name which was Jasmine. She was a halcyon class dinghy

 Another photo of the inside looking forward
 A photo of a cheap plywood deck that wa put on at sometime in the past, which is going to be renew shortly.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Update on latest project boat

The project boat is coming on well, then the the old ribs have been removed and the hull as been cleaned up of old paint and dirt under where the old ribs were. Just got to take the old bilge keels off and the it will be time to steam and refit the new ribs and then remove the two spilt planks on the turn of the bilge.
This photo is looking forward showing the ribs removed from the forward part of the boat.

This photo is looking aft showing the ribs removed from the aft end of the boat behind the centreboard case.

This photo is of the boat showing the ribs removed from the middle of the boat.
This week's work is to refit the new ribs in place after ther bilge keels are removed and then remove the two planks and refit new planks.
 Here is the oak to make the new ribs for the restoration boat and also the keel and ribs for the new boat being build by J-Star Boat Services over the next few months

Monday, 4 February 2013

Photos of J-Star Boat Services latest Project.

Photo of the boat form Starboard Bow looking aft after the seats have been removed.
 Photo of the boat looking forward towards the bow with the stringers removed
 One of the 14 ribs that need renewing with green oak from a local forest
 Photo of the port side that the fourth plank from the deck needs replacing as it is spilt along the nail line
 Photo of the port side further along the same plank.
 Photo of the starboard side which is in need of the same treatment as the port side along the same plank as the port side.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Working on my own boat project this weekend. Down to the boatyard to start on Mai-Star II refit. First thing to do is remove the cabin roof and get the deck beams removed and patterns made of them after removing and replacing the cabin sides. J-Star Boat Services always has a personal project on the go. If you need advice on your projects or you have a boat in your garage that needs some care and attention? Jstar boats would love to hear from you just email your problem to