Monday, 30 May 2016

A bank holiday weekend job on Mai-Star II

Rubbing down the starboard side of the hull ready for a fresh coat of primer 

Then the port side of the hull a bit heavy going, but got it flat in the end 

Rubbed down the main damaged paint work amidships where it was rubbed off in the winter 

The first side getting its first coat of yacht primer and when dried start the spot filling of the hull

The colour change is like chalk and cheese 

Finally all one colour and the spot filling can begin once the primer is dry.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

A few of the smaller jobs ticked off, so some of the bigger jobs can get finished off.

The deck block and wood burning stove deck flange fitted and ready to have the pipe work fitted

An inside view of the deck fitting just got to cut back the excess bolt and paint over the bolts

Last of the side panels back in place .

Fibreglass tape the corners of the bulkhead ready to cover the rest in glass cloth and seal the plywood and make this whole area into a shower/ toilet and wet room

Fibreglass tape the bulkhead to the deck head 

Covering batten over the bulkhead joint where the two halves had to be fitted separately to fit them into position. 

Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Here at J-Star Boat Services we do valeting of motor boats as well, from dirty boats and make them look like new boats

Here at J-Star Boat Services we do valeting of motor boats as well, from dirty boats  and make them look like new boats 
The starboard side being given a good compounding to get rid of the dull gel coat  and bring back some of its shine

Same being done to the port side.

Starting to show a bit of a different in the hull between dull and shiny gel coat 

looking back up the compounded hull now with a good shine on it and ready to be polished 

Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The interior is now starting to look more like a liveaboard than an old ship's/oil rig lifeboat.

The fuel tank framework is well on the way to be finished off

Just one bit of trim to cut and the fuel tank seating area will be complete

solar vent fitted to the roof of the life boat and now there will be a through flow of air

The finished battery box/storage locker just needs to be painted with a coat of white gloss to finish it off.

The aft end getting there, just going to take time to sort out the little jobs up this end of the boat

A change of scenery a bit quieter than Kingston  

And there is a Pub across the road as well. 

Getting some of the smaller items made and finished off ready to go back on the boat

The battery box lid now with its trims fitted and primed and under-coated. Also a few of the other bits of trim ready to be fitted on the boat

Cutting the trims for the toilet door and once down on the boat they can be fitted in olace.

A few more trims for other parts of the boat to be fitted at the same time

Clearing the workshop ready to build the new cabin doors to complete the lifeboat's conversion.

Monday, 16 May 2016

Mai-Star II out of the water for a bit of TLC after a winter afloat.

Over the winter, although there were enough fenders to protect her hull during one of the winter storms the port side got caught up against the pontoon and the hull got damaged and the paint got removed. however, apart from that the hull got off lightly in the damage steaks.

Te rest of the hull is just in need of a good sanding and priming and repainting and the antifouling renewing. 

Just got to get to grips with the cabin roof and the varnishing and finish off the cockpit area and then we can go sailing again.

Starting on the final stages of the conversion

Sorting out this mass of wires 

Down to what is needed now to run the electrical systems on the boat from its old system it had as a lifeboat. 

Now starts on a simple push button with out all the back up systems it had as a lifeboat that it does not need now.

The boat getting a clean up and sorting out what needs to get put in the last few places.

The fuel tank is now forward on the starboard side and doubles as a seat for the client.

Saturday, 7 May 2016

The major electrical components going onboard and other items and making a start on sorting out the new fuel line system.

The new battery box before any work to fit new equipment to it has started

The battery isolator and the inverter now fitted on the front of the battery box, the isolator is wired up, just got the inverter to wired up and the system will be up and running.

Starting to fit the first of the two sinks in the boat.

Starting to make a start on the fuel tank and get the first filter fitted and now get the fuel lines fitted, First got to get a fuel tap to fit between the tank and the filter so that the fuel can get switched off in an emergency or to change the filters.