Thursday, 20 February 2020

Releasing the shower tray sump from is mould plug

Now that the plug as been laid up with the amount of gelcoat and CSM it is nowtimeto release the tray sump from the moulding plug 

Now that it is released from the moulding plug, it as to be trimmed to the correct height, so it can be fitted in the bilge space in the toilet compartment and then the rest of the area can build round it.

Friday, 14 February 2020

The lazarette locker bulkhead and the last piece of the main bulkhead being glassed into position

The lazarette locker port side bulkhead now glassed into position on its aft side face 

The fibreglass being done on the last piece of the port side bulkhead and once this is done the work can start on the interior 

Setting out the new deck beams

Setting out the first two new deck beams for the foredeck of the Cornish Crabber. 

There are going to be two more beams fitted when the fore deck is rebuild a short Deck beam to support the top of the chain locker bulkhead 

Then a pair of half deck beams at the aft end of the cabin wherethe sliding hatch will be positioned 

Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Work on the shower tray sump plug

The shower tray sump now getting its first sanding down  after the filler was applied to fair the edges and corners so that the plug can go on to the next stage of making fair and smooth to apply the gelcoat over the plug to take a moulding of the shower tray sump

It is going to have a reasonable size for a onboard shower. 

Clearing up the first of the Cornish Crabber's fore cabin deck beams

Now that the glue as cured it is time to clear the surfaces and thickness the beams to the finished width and depth 

Shower tray sump plug making underway

Having made the general shape and size it is now time to fair the surfaces and the edges so that a moulding can betaken off the plug

The first job is to fill the surface where necessary to then fair up the surface so a moulding can be made

The last two floor bearers getting a final coat of epoxy before getting fitted into the area between the fore cabin and the main cabin 

The last piece of the aft pair of bulkheads

The last piece now glued and screwed in position and now just needs masking and taping up round the edges  

The floor bearers now screwed in position and the drain holes drilled through bulkheads, they just need epoxy round the edges to seal the plywood edges 

Starting to mask up the area so that the bulkhead id kept clear of resin while it is glassed into position 

Cornish Crabber Deck beams production underway

The first of the three new deck beams needed for the forward end of the Cornish Crabber which in the yard a complete rebuild 

The second being set up ready to be glued together

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Setting up to make new deck beams for the forward end of the Cornish Crabber

Setting up the jig to bend the strips of iroko to make up the new deck beams for the forward end of the Cornish Crabber 

There are three to make and then a pair of half deck beams to make for the aft end of the cabin 

Setting out the number of G clamps to hold the strips together while the glue cured off

All the strips planned to thickness ready to glue together

A piece of the original deck beam to use as a pattern for the shape and size of the new deck beams 

Monday, 10 February 2020

Cornish Crabber rebuild getting underway

Sorting out the sockets where the ends of the new deck beams are going to be located into when they are made

A bow shot where a new deck beam as to be made and fitted where there was not one before, the latest owner wishes to have a good connection between the deck and the top of the chain locker bulkhead 

The original deck flange which the new deck is going to be fixed too 

A large void space at the moment, however, it will soon be filled up with bulkheads and engine and tankage 

Just setting up the deck beam building jig to laminate the new deck beams  

A large void space looking forward the same thing is going to happen with this space it will get filled with bulkheads and other items as the boat gets rebuild

Thursday, 6 February 2020

The fuel tank back from the fabricators and the flow coating finished on the bulkheads

The fuel tank now as the feed take off in the correct position and the tank as the correct size vent pipe take off as well 

The sight pipe fittings have been remade as they were loose and would have leaked 

The flow coating of the bulkheads now finished and ready to go on to the next stage.