Saturday, 27 May 2017

The old dinghy now as a new set of gunwales and rubbing strakes and a coat of varnish

The gunwales and strakes are now done apart from the bow piece and as its first coat of varnish

One major step forward, now its the turn of the rowlock blocks and the thwart next

Varnishing the thwart and transom pad for rhe outboard  so they will be ready to go on next week

Clamping the rowlock blocks into position 

Bolted in position, just the holes to drill and then fit the rowlock plates in position

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Tracing a leak back to its source

Having taken off the corner post in the front of the cabin there was evidence of why the leak was caused by 

The sealant which was used when the yacht was build back in the 1930's was red lead sealant.

Which over the years as broken down and dried out and as caused the corner to leak through the joint between the cabin front and cabin side 

As the area is damp and is in need of some drying out this is going to be left to dry out before resealng the joont and putting the corner post on a fresh bed of modern sealant which will move with the cabin side and cabin front 

The corner post being left off to dry out over the weekend.

The major part of the gunwales and rubbing strakes are on now

The pair of gunwales and rubbing strakes clamped in position ready for cliching together 

One side completed 

Both sides finished, now ready to fit the ends pieces and the quarter and bow knees and the outboard pad on the transom and the rowlock blocks.  

Then it will be painting out the inside and then turning the dinghy over to repaint the hull and fit the brass strips to the keels.

Monday, 22 May 2017

The old worn out dinghy getting a new set of Gunwales and Rubbing Strakes

Setting up the steam box ready to get the new rubbing strakes pliable so they can go round the curve at the top of the dinghy without breaking 

Setting out the clamps ready to clamp the steamed rubbing strakes in position once they have been steamed for 3/4 of an hour

Both rubbing strakes steamed and in position now just got to wait for them to cool off over night and fix in position in the morning 

Saturday, 20 May 2017

A number of small jobs done and out of the way. so can get on with the larger jobs next week

Getting the trims varnished so they are ready for fitting on the different boats they belong too.

Get on with the layers of varnish on the centreboard of the Enterprise dinghy so can rub down to a smooth surface once enough coat of varnish have been applied. So it can have a racing finish. Then turn my attention to the rudder foil.

The Shetland Family Four cabin lockers all dismantled ready to be re-fixed and re-installed back in the cabin after the linings have been glued on to the cabin sides and hull.

Last of the Hardy Navigator door hatch getting the J-Star Boat Services treatment before getting re-fixed in the boat along with the rest of the doors and hatch

The Shetland Family Four cockpit locker lids all now finished and ready to go back in place when the boat is finished and ready to be put up for sale

The cockpit lockers all now painted out with grey bilge paint and ready to have the lockers fitted with battery boxes and fuel tanks. 

Friday, 19 May 2017

Dry fitting the gunwales and removing the old inside wood from the keel and the bilge runnersd

Fitting the inside part of the gunwale 

Just clamping them in place while sorting out the ends to make them fit the hull

Removed the inside part of the keel and bilge runners before clearing the area up and re-installing new wood in the area and re-reinforcing the hull around the area and finally fibreglassing over the area 

The first stages to bring this dinghy back to life. New wood work and a few fibreglass repairs and a coat of paint and then back in commission with a new owner.

Saturday, 13 May 2017

This next week will be a start of doing the other projects that are underway at the moment

The Shetland Family Four cruiser which is in for a full restoration from top to bottom 

The Hardy Navigator 18 cruiser is also in for a full boat refit and a full outboard overhaul 

The dinghy is in for a full restoration of all the wood work and hull painting

Fitting out of the 8ft dinghy as well.

Also the continuing refit of Enterprise which is in its final stages.

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Yacht Norma launch day and re-fitting its lead ballast

Then there is an empty hole where she as been sitting since November

On route to the water's edge

The slings going round the yacht ready for it to be lifted into the water

Ready to lift

Lowering into the water for the first time since November

Back in the water engine running and the ballast re-fitted, just got to get the mast refitted next week. Then off for a trial sail with the new owner.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Busy day down at the boatyard and in the workshop

At the boatyard the final touches were made to Yacht Norma before it goes back afloat tomorrow after its winter/spring refit. Which included fitting two sections of planking a couple of ribs removing the sea toilet and grading pieces put over the old holes where the skin fittings were. The engine getting a good overhauling and new engine mounts being fitted and the engine realigning, the hull and bottom being completed being returned to bare wood and being repainted. A few small deck repairs. The owner doing work on the mast and the interior.

Looking forward to relaunch day tomorrow to see the completion of a long job and the yacht returning to a sailing condition once more.  Although there are a few small jobs to do it is good to see the yacht going back afloat with its new owner.

Other jobs done today was the overhaul of two of the five outboard engines we have in for the annual servicing, just got to get the spare parts for the other three outboards engines and these can be returned to their owners so that they can use them for the coming season.

Got the new cabin windows back from the manufacturers and are ready to be put back on the Shetland Family four cruiser after the new cabin linings are fitted. Once this is done the cabinets for the interior can be repaired and re-installed back into position and the now the outboard can be fitted to the transom platform and the boat can go up for sale as a good starter boat for someone to enjoy their first taste of boating.

Wednesday, 3 May 2017

The ongoing restoration of the Shetland Family Four

The cabin doors and hatch all varnished and refitted to door trims, now just got to work out how to fix hatch to top of door frame

Builder's plate showing she was build in Diss 

Cockpit lockers in need of an upgrade and repainting 

Cabin now ready to be re-trimmed with new linings to bring it up to date

A lot of complex curves, however it will look good in the end