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Saturday, 20 May 2017

A number of small jobs done and out of the way. so can get on with the larger jobs next week

Getting the trims varnished so they are ready for fitting on the different boats they belong too.

Get on with the layers of varnish on the centreboard of the Enterprise dinghy so can rub down to a smooth surface once enough coat of varnish have been applied. So it can have a racing finish. Then turn my attention to the rudder foil.

The Shetland Family Four cabin lockers all dismantled ready to be re-fixed and re-installed back in the cabin after the linings have been glued on to the cabin sides and hull.

Last of the Hardy Navigator door hatch getting the J-Star Boat Services treatment before getting re-fixed in the boat along with the rest of the doors and hatch

The Shetland Family Four cockpit locker lids all now finished and ready to go back in place when the boat is finished and ready to be put up for sale

The cockpit lockers all now painted out with grey bilge paint and ready to have the lockers fitted with battery boxes and fuel tanks. 

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