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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

Busy day down at the boatyard and in the workshop

At the boatyard the final touches were made to Yacht Norma before it goes back afloat tomorrow after its winter/spring refit. Which included fitting two sections of planking a couple of ribs removing the sea toilet and grading pieces put over the old holes where the skin fittings were. The engine getting a good overhauling and new engine mounts being fitted and the engine realigning, the hull and bottom being completed being returned to bare wood and being repainted. A few small deck repairs. The owner doing work on the mast and the interior.

Looking forward to relaunch day tomorrow to see the completion of a long job and the yacht returning to a sailing condition once more.  Although there are a few small jobs to do it is good to see the yacht going back afloat with its new owner.

Other jobs done today was the overhaul of two of the five outboard engines we have in for the annual servicing, just got to get the spare parts for the other three outboards engines and these can be returned to their owners so that they can use them for the coming season.

Got the new cabin windows back from the manufacturers and are ready to be put back on the Shetland Family four cruiser after the new cabin linings are fitted. Once this is done the cabinets for the interior can be repaired and re-installed back into position and the now the outboard can be fitted to the transom platform and the boat can go up for sale as a good starter boat for someone to enjoy their first taste of boating.

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