Sunday, 29 September 2019

Another busy week get through jobs

The ongoing repairs to the bottom of this speed boat are coming along and have now got back to the end of the rotten wood and now can start to rebuild the interior bulkheads and then replace the bottom 

The first stage is to cut back a distance to lay the first pieces of hull laminates while there is nothing in the way to make the job easier

The starboard side is still in need of work to get to the end of the rot as there is one place that it as traveled further along the bottom 

Another job that is getting done is to reinforce the transom where the rotten wood was the worse

Friday, 27 September 2019

Other projects underway in the yard

A small dinghy in need of a new centreboard case 

A Cornish Crabber now on a trailer and ready to come into the workshop once the boat in the workshop is ready to come out and get underway with its rebuild

The wooden speedboat now finishing off the cut outs for the new hull panels to get glued in position once the area is cleaned up and made ready for the surfaces to glued. 

Continuing work on the interior of the Morgan Giles 30

The Finesse 24 final deck fittings going back on

The pulpit and pushpit and the stanchion bases 

The windlass now bolted back on the foredeck 

The cleats and fairleads at both ends of the boat now refitted 

Just got to put bolts through the winch base spacer blocks and then the winches will be fitted 

Thursday, 12 September 2019

Starting the rebuilding of the bottom and transom of the wooden speed boat

Rebuilding the transom and bottom of this 1960's speedboat for a local client

New panel for ther transom and the fore and aft bulkhead 

Once these are made to fit they will be glassed in with epoxy and matting and then can start to re skin the hull again

A long job, however, well worth doing as this is the only rot in the hull.

The Morgan Giles 30 bottom now finished apart from the patches under the legs of the cradle

The final coats of Gelshield 200 done on the bottom, that is one big job completed 

Just got to do the patches under the legs of the cradle when it is moved outside

Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Busy day at the yard and in the workshop

The continuing cutting back of the bottom of the multi diagonal bottom speed boat, now got to the end of the rotten wood and now time to clean up the edges before the re-building starts   

The fore and aft bulkheads will have to replaced and reinforced before re-building the hull

This side will have to have the bulkhead re-instated 

Last, but one coat of Gelshield treatment and then the other work can start on the boat's interior and glassing up vholes around the boat's hull and deck

The first coat of deck paint on the deck before the fittings start to go back on the deck and the varnishing of the top plank and rubbing strake can continue. 

Sunday, 8 September 2019

A busy few weeks ahead

Now that I am back to working by myself, there is a lot of jobs that are going to take my time up and mean I am going to be doing a lot of long hour days to keep up with the workload I have got in the yard.

However, when some of the projects that are in the yard are finished there is going to be time and space to re-organise the yard and the workshop. This is something that as needed to be done for sometime and not had the time or money to do.

The projects that are going to be worked on over the next few months are ones that will take a long time to complete and the owners are not in a rush to have done as their plans to have the boats sailing  at sometime over the next year or so.

So the first job tomorrow is to sit down and work out a plan to sort out the yard and sort out the workshop to make the most of the available space and get rid of any unused equipment and other items laying around that are stopping me from working as well as possible.

So now the hard work starts to re-build the business and get it working the way I need it to run.

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Other project boats in for work over the winter months

A multi diagonal bottomed speedboat in need of major hull repairs in the aft sections and the transom

A finesse 24 in the final stages of a re-decking job with just the deck fittings and deck painting with non slip deck paint 

A dinghy in need of its centreboard case fitting 

The next winter project boat and complete re-build of a Cornish Crabber from the keel up 

Finesse 24 rubbing strakes back on and then the fun begins with the deck fittings going back on

Now the rubbing strakes are back on the screw holes will be plugged with hardwood plugs of the same wood as the rubbing strakes.

Once the screw holes are plugged and sanded back the whole area will be varnished 

Now it is a matter of fitting the deck fittings and screwing the new quadrants to the cabin sides and varnishing them  

Wednesday, 4 September 2019

The finesse 24 started to get its new painted decks and two new projects boats to get underway later in the month

The Finesse 24 is now started to get its new deck painted with primer before being painted with deck paint when the four coats of primer are applied 

A Cornish Crabber in the yard fora full refit from the keel up 

A multi diagonal bottom speed boat in for a couple of new sections of bottom and lower transom