Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Rubbing strakes now fitted and starting to fit the deck and roof trim pieces

The rubbing strakes are now fitted and the deck and roof trim pieces have now planned to thickness and are being fitted 

Now the rubbing strakes are fitted the edge of the deck now looks better 

The trim pieces now pushed down to the deck surface and now needs planning to fit the surface of the deck and the the top edge needs an angle putting on it to let the water run off the top edge.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Door surround and sliding hatch refitted and new washboard made to make it more secure

Fitting the new door surround and washboard tracks to edge of bulkhead

As well as a new vertical track it needed and threshold piece along the bottom of the hatchway  

Having been able to find two of the three original washboards it was a matter of making a third washboard to fit in the space

The sliding hatch now back in position 

Monday, 22 October 2018

Sliding hatch runners now dry fitted and now to fit the hatch way/ washboard sliding runners to the edges of the main cabin hatch way

The upstands for the sliding hatch now dry fitted to the hatch way side and the cabin roof/deck head 

The rest of the trim now as to be fitted before the up stands can be fitted down into position

Cockpit floorboards back in position and other jobs

The cockpit floorboards back down in position and a new engine hatch made to replace the broken one.

The light coloured marine plywood panel are the bases for the cockpit seats 

The sliding hatch runners being fitted to the newly painted deck 

Once these are fitted the vertical wash boards runners will be fitted and the hatch way will be secure 

Now the yacht is un-masked it shows off the paint work on both the hull and deck

Saturday, 20 October 2018

The next project to be coming to J-Star Marine Services for a new deck and other small jobs

A Finesse 21 which is in need of a new main deck 

The yacht is in overall good condition, however, it needs a replacement main deck as this as gone rotten in places and the best way to tackle this problem is to remove the whole deck from bow to stern and investigate the reason why it happened and ensure it does not return.

A part of the deck which as de-laminated as the plywood used was not the correct grade of plywood for the use it was being used for.

A section of rubbing strake that needs renewing and a piece further along on the same side. The best course of action in this job, is to renew the whole length to keep its strength and when sheathing the deck, It will ensure the sheathing is held in position by a single piece of rubbing strake.

A small repair needed to the edge of the plank.