Saturday, 30 May 2015

Second hull off the mould and starting to fit out the first hull

Just removed the second hull off the mould
Cleaning up the first hull's epoxy skin ready to fit out the inside
Making up patterns for the cross beam braces
Starting to make and fit first part of cross beam bracing before fitting the deck.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The new boat project update,

The first hull is now completed and off the moulds and is now ready for fitting out with its deck and strengthen blocks for the cross beams to be fitted too. and the the deck can go on and the hull sealed. Once this is done the hulls will be tested  on the water to make sure that they float to the correct waterline and the next stage can be started. First I have to skin the second hull with plywood and epoxy resin and matting and the same job as the first hull as to be done fit the strengthening blocks and deck beams fitted and the deck made and fitted and covered in epoxy resin and matting.

Once this is done I can start on the power plant for this new boat which should be an interesting project in itself.

But first must get on and get the two hull build and finished off and painted and sealed ready for their launch.  

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Good day on the paint work on the Enterprise restoration project.

Yesterday was a good day with the jobs on the boat. The second coat of thinned varnish was put on the inside of the hull and centreboard case after rubbing the whole area down to get rid of any dust that had got its way on to the varnished surface. It was all cleaned down and the second coat was applied and is starting to build up layers on the new wood panels and on the existing old parts. so the inside is now starting to take shape and looking better after every coat.

The same can be said of the outside of the boat as the layers of undercoat start to build up on the surface of of hull. It is now got its third coat of undercoat and it just needs a final coat of undercoat before starting to put the first of the white gloss coats on.

So all in all a good day on the Enterprise restoration so just a few more days on the hull before being able to turn the boat over and to start to do the deck and get the deck varnished and the rubbing skates fitted and the deck hardware sorted and fitted.