Tuesday, 19 May 2015

The new boat project update,

The first hull is now completed and off the moulds and is now ready for fitting out with its deck and strengthen blocks for the cross beams to be fitted too. and the the deck can go on and the hull sealed. Once this is done the hulls will be tested  on the water to make sure that they float to the correct waterline and the next stage can be started. First I have to skin the second hull with plywood and epoxy resin and matting and the same job as the first hull as to be done fit the strengthening blocks and deck beams fitted and the deck made and fitted and covered in epoxy resin and matting.

Once this is done I can start on the power plant for this new boat which should be an interesting project in itself.

But first must get on and get the two hull build and finished off and painted and sealed ready for their launch.  

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