Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Jasmine the Restoration dinghy update

The Restoration dinghy "Jasmine" is coming along well with the last four replacement planks well underway and being planned down to thickness and refitted to the boat,

This photo is of the port side aft
 This photo is of the starboard side with the first of the short planks refitted in place, just needs gluing the scarf and clinching in place over the next few days.
The the bilge keels can be refitted and the boat seams cleaned up and the boat painted before turning back on it keel.  Then the hull can be prepared to be sanded down and re varnished on the outside and then it will be the turn of the inside to be cleaned up and sanded down and re-varnished and the seats and lockers refitted.
The work this week on the boat is to get the first of the short planks fixed in place permanently in place and get the other planks planned down to thickness started to be take place.
This is photo of the bottom of the port side with the scarfs cut and ready for the new planks to be fitted
 This is a photo of the first of short planks dry fitted in place ready to be nailed in place after the scarf  joint is glued and nailed together
 Another photo of the first short plank dry fitted ready to have the scarf joint glued aen the next plank fitted in place and that plank have the joint glued and nailed together and nailed in place
 This photo is of the starboard side bottom looking forward now ready to be repainted,
This week there was progress on getting the next plank on the starboard made and starting to be fitted, so next week will see the starboard planking complete and then be the turn of the port side to have the same treatment.
This photo shows the starboard planking completed apart from general sanding and varnishing and the bilge keel refixing in place.
 This photo is of the same planks from a different angle.
 The last two planks to put in on the port side and then the hull will be painted and varnished before turning it over to finish off the inside.
 This photo shows the scarf joint of the shorter of the two planks that were renewed
 The scarf joint of the longer of the two planks that were renewed showing that the joints were not only glued but cliched as well
 This photo shows there is still a lot of cleaning off of old varnish and revarnishing
 Another photo of the scarf joint on the short planks put in the starboard side.
 This photo shows the end of the planks finished off at the transom and also the garboard plank needs refixing next to the keel.

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