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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

The photos of the cockpit and the bunk fronts that need sorting out.

Mai-Star II under its refit cover, now ready to start work on the inside of the cabin and the cockpit.
 A Photo of the sweet lines which makes her go through the water so well.
 Now with the roof and cabin sides out of the way it is easier to work on the inside in the light.

 The old engine water intake that is not of any use and Mai-Star II is no longer going to have an engine in the boat.
 The two lower pipes are the bilge pump pipes that are going to be rerun in a better way.
 This photo shows the number of broken ribs in the back of the cockpit that need replacing.
 The aft engine bed that is no longer needed
 These two photos show the bulkheads before the rest of the trims are fitted

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