Monday, 8 July 2013

Princess 25 refit update part 2

This week's work will be to start to get the boat looking more like a boat than an empty shell and with panels starting to be put back in place and measurement taken for pipe runs for the different services around the boat. Also to remove the old fuel tank out of it s position in the bilge below the cockpit sole and sort out the bilge area tomake it more user friendly and up to date.

Then tackle the engine bay and flow coat the bilge under where the engine goes and then sort out the sound damping for the engine lid and front bulkhead and the rerun the engine fuel lines and put in an up to date spec  fuel system.

This photo shows with a bit of elbow grease and a compounding polisher you can get a shine back on a old tried hull. Now just got to do the gel coat repairs and then polish the hull with a good marine wax polish.
This photo of the bow on shot shows the difference between the compounded side and the one that has  not been done, you can see my van in the side that is compounded.
 This photo of the port side forward show the line between the compounded area and the area that has not been done.
The whole boat look like the compounded area and is now ready to have the Gel coat repairs done.
This photo is of the port side having the first filling of the white gel coat
 This a photo of the starboard side marked up ready to have the same treatment has the port side
 This photo is of the first two bits of new bulkhead dry fitted in place before being taken down and lined with white Formica
 This photo is showing the new locker lids in place
 This photo is of the new floor bilge access lid in place
 This photo is of the new chain locker bulkhead in place
 This photo is of the Volvo stern drive leg starting to be taken part to be serviced and repainted.
This photo shows the old fuel tank now out of the boat, having inspected the inside of the tank it is a drawoff and a new one as to be make, this time out of stainless steel. This is especially true and needed as this boat as a petrol engine and the tank needs to be out of a material that will not curse any problems.

This photo shows the inside of the engine bay with a new fresh coat of bilge paint, it shows how large the engine bay is and how light it becomes when painted in the right colour.
Looking forwards the starboard side.

 This photo is of the same engine bay looking towards the port side.
 This photo show the new toilet bulkhead dry fitted and ready to be now covered in white formica to make the toilet comparment light and airy and easy to keep clean.

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