Sunday, 4 August 2013

The progress of the refit of Mai-Star II

Over the past couple of weeks the progress as been slow and steady getting different parts of the inside panels and locker lids sorted and rubbed down ready for the new coat of paint or varnish depending of which piece of the interior is being worked on.

This coming week it is hope to start work on the cockpit especially under the cockpit sole where the ribs in the cockpit have been doubled or even had three ribs placed side by side. It appears that in the past it was easier for the boatyard to place new ribs beside the old ribs rather than remove the old ribs and use the old holes rather make new holes. so now taking out these old ribs and putting back just one rib and fitting glued plugs in the old nail holes. This will ensure that the bilge will look tidier and cut down the chance of rot developing between the gaps in the ribs where dirt gets lodged and keeps the area moist and an place where rot starts. Once that is done and the new ribs are in place then the whole area can be primed and painted. Then the cockpit can get the extra floorbearer fitted and the new cockpit sole can be made and fitted. The cockpit seats can be made to fit, so that they can be made to be part of the under deck shelf and also the top of the cockpit lockers that will be under the cockpit seats.

While all this is going on the two bilge pump outlet skin fittings will be replaced and also the manual bilge pump will be re-sited in a new position which will make easier to use.

Once that is done then the cockpit coaming will be fitted after the deck repairs are finished and the boom support fittings are made and fitted to the aft deck.


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