Friday, 23 August 2013

Some of the past and present projects undetaken by J-Star Boat Services

 This Mai-Star II as J-Star Boat Services found her as a shell with out decks and looking in a sorry state 
The interior of the boat with the odd bits of old gear still in her after she was given up on my her last owner
This photo is of her after the old paint was removed and a number of repairs were done and just waiting for a new plank to be put in on her port side
This photo is of her cabin roof before it was stripped
This photo is of her fore deck before a new plywood sub deck was fitted
This photo shows the new fore deck being fitted  

 The fore deck finished and the fore deck hatch refitted
This photo is of the cabin roof stripped back and the seams cleared out and filled ready to be covered
This photo shows the cabin roof finished and the cabin sliding hatch refitted as well as the wooden hand rails
This photo is of the end of her first trail sail and showing the crew the stay sail fitting on the top of the gammon iron
This photo is of Jasmine a halcyon Class dinghy with all the seats and stringers removed or unfixed before removing the broken ribs  
The old ribs reoved and the bottom of the boat cleaned ready for the new ribs to be fitted
 This photo shows all the new ribs fitted and the second of the full length plank going in.
This photo shows both full length planks in place
This photo shows the new aft ribs fitted under the aft deck 
This photo shows a River Thames single skiff after it was repaired after it needed two new lengths of plank and a couple of small frames and rowlocks renewing and being rubbed down ready for revarnishing 
The finished skiff after six coats of varnish and just before it when back to the local Thames rowing and punt club  

The boat builders at J-Star Boat Services are experienced sailors and test their workmanship on their client's vessels to ensure before returning them to their owners that the job is done and returned only when we are happy that the job is done.

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