Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Removing the old ribs and skin fittings out of the cockpit

 The first job of the day was to clear off the surplus wood off the plugs put in the rubbing skates to cover the screws up that are fixing on the stakes.
The next job was to remove the old surplus skin fittings that are no longer needed in the cockpit and fit grading pieces over the old holes.
The old skin fitting for the engine the boat had in for years that was not there when Gadfly II was built.
 This photo is of the exhaust skin fitting which has been removed as is no longer needed and the hole will be used again but a little bit larger to be used as the outlet skin fitting for the manual bilge pump.
The smaller skin fitting will be removed and have it replaced with a skin fitting for the electric bilge pump.
 This photo shows the nails being pinched out of the planking and in one case breaking a bit of planking which will be repaired when the new ribs are fitted.
 This photo is of the edge of the cockpit side deck which has been sanding down before it is sealed with epoxy resin and tape to ensure the deck is watertight. Port side view
                                          Starboard side view
 This photo is of the nail heads being ground off and the nails punched out on the starboard side
  This photo is of the same job on the port side, removing the doubling ribs that are not needed.
This photo is of the ribs having been ground off and the old aft engine bed removed as it is no longer needed  
 This is another photo of the ribs being ground off and one of the rib that has been removed already

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