Saturday, 24 November 2018

The deck is finally off and now the hard work begins with cleanup the deck beams and carlins and the top edges of the top plank

The foredeck now clear of all the old plywood 

The side decks as well 

If any of you are wondering what the yellow masking tape is doing on the side of the hull it is to mark off the positions of the u bolts for the standing rigging and where the new chainplates are going to be when the new deck is laid and the chain plate are going to be used instead of u bolts to fix the standing rigging to and stop another leak problem having a chance at rotting the deck as it did before as all the loading was on the u bolt trying to be pull up out of the deck and causing the deck to leak under the u bolt plates and causing the deck to rot.

These pair of masking tape markers are for the position of the Genoa track position along the side deck and where they are presently screwed through the deck. This is a another possible leak and rot trap so this will have to be looked at to ensure this does not happen again when it is re-fixed to the deck once it as been sheathed.

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