Saturday, 24 November 2018

The four major areas of rotten wood under the deck when it was all finally removed

Both the quarter knees at the top of the transom are rotten in different places, the reason behind this problem is  lack of ventilation and the other is the fact the backstay eye bolts which are the pushpit fixing bolts  as well as the backstays are being pulled up through the deck and knees and making it impossible to maintain a good seal round the eye bolts. Before the deck is relaid this design point will have to be redressed to ensure this does not happen again. Possibly by making chainplates that are bolted through the transom on strong backs as a way of maintaining the  deck water tightness. 

The other area of rotten wood was on the top part of the starboard top plank amidships 

The final area of rotten wood was the transom deck beam which is rotten and as started to show through the transom in the area of the rotten deck beam, once the quarter knee is removed and the deck beam it will be easier to see how far the rot as travelled and how much work is going to be needed to clear the rotten wood from the area.

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