Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Work progressing on the Hardy 25

The battery compartment now neatly fitted battery leads for the systems and for the battery charger, So it can clearly see where each of the wires goes and its use. Now we have to make a new front and top panel for the compartment to match the teak faced plywood bulkheads 

The empty cockpit roof space which needs cleaning up and wiring and fixings for the different fittings fixed to the roof which will be under the linings when they go back up in position. 

The old roof panles from the cockpit roof  space and the toilet compartment which are all getting new linings. The one in the toilet compartment will be vinyl to make it easily cleanable after the owner as a shower. 

The bulkhead and the hull cleaned of the old glue so that this area can be flowcoated with white flowcoat to make it easily washable as well

The custom made shower tray laying in position, now as to have the battens fitted around the top edge to seal it is position 

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