Saturday, 24 November 2018

The finesse 21 decks are well on their way to being removed and then the hard work begins

Over the course of Friday the old decks were removed by the owners with a helping hand from Simon. The deck was in a bit of a state. However, the deck beams and carlins and gunwales were in good condition apart from being very wet in places.

The only major parts which will need attention will be the stern knees at the transom and a section of rotten planking amidships on the starboard side. This will need a section letting in once the extent of the rot is determine. However, looking at the area it should be quiet localized. The stern knees will have to be replaced as these are well gone and they are used as the securing points for the backstays  for the mast and are needed to be in good condition to keep the mast up when in strong wind conditions.

So the next job over the weekend is to clean down the deck beams and give them chance to dry out and do the repairs and replacement of the rotten items and then fit the noggins in between the top plank inside edge and the gunwales so the next deck as a chance to be fixed down to something other than the top edge of the top plank and the carlin and gunwale.

This new deck will be fitted in a very simpler way to the deck on the Finesse 24 we have just replaced the decks on and have overlapping deck joints so the deck as a good chance to remain sealed and watertight. The old deck was 9 mm plywood, the next deck is going to be 12 mm and so it will be a lot stronger and will be fixed down with a lot more fixings than before.

So over the next few days we have our hands full of scraping and chiselling to get the remains of the old deck off the deck beams and other places so that the whole area as a chance to dry out before fitting the new deck.  

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