Monday, 5 November 2018

A busy Monday at the workshop and in boatyard

Today there was a hive of activity in the workshop and out in the boatyard with a number of jobs being done on a number of boats currently in the workshop and out in the boatyard.

The Mai-Star Class dinghy getting its thwart and side benches stringers fitted and the thwarts starting to get fitted. 

The thwarts and side benches are getting fitted in position and then the apprentices are going to learn how to  make knees and fit them in position to fix the thwarts and side benches in position.


While one of the apprentices was working on the Mai-Star Class dinghy one of the other apprentices was working on removing the outer keel and making a pattern for its replacement out of plywood so the Simon can go to the timber merchant and select a new piece of Mahogany to make the new outer keel  

The apprentice making the plywood pattern for Simon to take to the timber merchant select  a new piece for the keel

The other apprentice was working on the Hardy 25 sorting out the inside and removing all the loose equipment out of the boat so that the work on the inside can get underway and start to rebuild the tiolet compartment into a shower and toilet compartment.

So all in all a busy day by all the the team getting the work done in the workshop and out in the boatyard.  

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