Monday, 5 November 2018

Update on the Halcyon dinghy leaking centreboard case and outer keel

The outer keel now removed from the bottom of the dinghy, there were areas where the fixings had given way and other that just would not move

The outer keel came off in bits, however there are enough parts that profiles can be taken off to make a new outer keel

All clean and now as to be given chance to dry out before the new keel can be fitted

Just a few broken screws that need removing 
so that the new keel caqn be fitted neatly into the bottom of the stem

Now the centreboard is off it is time to clean up the bottom edge to make sure it fits the inner keel and it can be sealed.

The centreboard fitted on a bed of paint, however it was not the same all over the bottom face of the centreboard

Making pattern to use to make new outer keel 

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