Saturday, 3 November 2018

Update on the progress of the Halcyon dinghy

Having rake out the garboard to keel joint it was found that the outer part of the keel was not in good condition and in places damaged by age and rough handling over the years. 

So it as been decided that the best course of action is to replace the whole of the outer part of the keel with a new piece of mahogany and re-fix this to the inner keel or hog as it is sometimes call and also through fix it into the centreboard case at the same time. This way putting back some of the strength and shape back in the keel and take some of the hogging out of the keel shape which as set into the length of the keel.   

Most of the hogging as come about from the dinghy being left un-supported at the ends of the dinghy and too much blocking under the area of the centreboard case. This is a job that will need careful positioning of props and shores to correct and also re-fixing of the garboard plank to the hog/keel at the same time as fitting the new outer part of the keel or keelson as it is sometimes call. 

So the next job on the keel is to release all the centreboard fixings  and then remove the outer keel and prop up the hog to its correct position before refixing the new outer keel piece and fixing the centreboard case back into position and at the same time refix the garboard plank to the hog to ensure the whole area is watertight again.

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